Deloitte and Google Cloud expand decade-long alliance

abstract AI image | Deloitte and Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Deloitte have expanded their decade-long alliance to help bring Google Cloud’s advanced Generative AI capabilities to enterprises in every industry.

Deloitte’s Generative AI practice will build and scale solutions to address the increasing demand for Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilities and assist in solving business challenges with its AI technologies.

Deloitte is currently leveraging Google Cloud’s AI capabilities and large language models (LLMs) to develop industry-leading solutions that enable businesses to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Utilizing Google Cloud technologies, Deloitte’s Generative AI practice aims to bring new solutions to market, including Vertex AI and the PaLM Foundation Model, along with Generative AI Studio and the open-source and third-party models accessible through Google Cloud’s Model Garden. In addition, these solutions will help maximize Generative AI’s potential for clients and provide tangible benefits to their workforces.

This announcement follows the launch of Deloitte’s Generative AI practice which helps clients harness the power of Generative AI and Foundation Models to enhance productivity and accelerate the pace of business innovation.

Jason Girzadas, managing principal, businesses, global, and strategic services and CEO Elect, Deloitte US, said: “We are seeing increasing demand from clients to help them advance their businesses through new and innovative AI capabilities.

“Google Cloud offers Generative AI capabilities that provide meaningful, real-world value to enterprises that will be a platform for industry and functional advancements.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, said: “Google Cloud’s advancements in Generative AI have the ability to transform work across industries, from providing employees with tools that help them become more productive, to enabling companies to connect with their customers in new ways.

“Deloitte has decades of experience helping improve businesses in every sector, and our joint commitment to bring the power of Generative AI to businesses in a safe and responsible way create incredible opportunities for innovation with our joint customers.”