Deloitte and UiPath partner-up

Deloitte and UiPath

Deloitte and UiPath have announced they are working together to deliver Deloitte Intelligent Document Processing (DIDP), the latest in a number of intelligent automation and RPA collaborations between the two companies.

The integrated technology will leverage the UiPath RPA, along with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Human-in-the-Loop (HITL), and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in order to accelerate automation.

David Wright, partner at Deloitte said: “Using DIDP, our clients can reduce document processing time significantly, boosting productivity and allowing teams to focus on more business-critical tasks. As a result, complicated risk processes that currently rely on data in unstructured documents and time-consuming analysis can be improved, such as in financial spreading, financial prospecting, tax returns, and more.”