Deloitte drives industry transformation with Aurora Labs

image of car factory | Deloitte and Aurora Labs

Deloitte has joined forces with Aurora Labs, the automotive AI company, to combine expertise and technology capabilities to automotive companies as the industry is transitioning SW Management processes, products and regulations for software-defined vehicles.

This alliance combines both company’s expertise and AI-based technologies required by vehicle manufacturers to drive up to 30 percent efficiencies throughout software development, quality assurance, certification and over-the-air (OTA) maintenance with data and insights that were previously unavailable.

Aurora Labs offers AI-based vehicle software intelligence solutions that enable manufacturers to continuously collect actionable insights and data to obtain and deep understanding of line-of-code software changes, dependencies and behavior.

The combination of Deloitte’s services and Aurora Labs’ AI technologies help the automotive industry software development teams streamline the processes of development, testing, integration, UNECE WP.29 compliance, continuous certification and on-the-road, zero-downtime, OTA updating.

Andi Herzig, global head of automotive risk advisory at Deloitte, said: “To enable the software-defined vehicles of the future, complex development challenges exist. The integration of complex software deliveries throughout a supply chain distributed across the globe while applying necessary quality and process standards is an unsolved issue. Aurora Labs’ AI insights are needed by OEMs and suppliers to assure that development and quality processes are manageable, fast and follow the highest quality of standards. This is especially true since the software of a car needs to be maintained after delivery through OTA (over-the-air) updates over many years.”

Zohar Fox, CEO of Aurora Labs, said: “Partnering with Deloitte addresses the major challenges faced by our industry – how to adopt the processes and the technologies required to stay competitive. We believe that the synergies from this partnership bring great value to our joint customers.”