Demcon aims for high growth with IFS Cloud

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Dutch high-tech manufacturer, Demcon, has chosen IFS Cloud as its ERP solution to underpin the company’s future growth plans and provide it with a single view of data across all its companies.

Established in 1993, with 900 employees across 11 locations in four countries, Demcon is a group of affiliated companies that service industries including aerospace, life sciences, defence and security, water and maritime, and high-tech systems and materials.

IFS’s solution will allow Demcon to streamline its operations due to its high scalability, deep industry expertise and ability to provide real-time, enterprise scale decision making.

Looking to the future, Demcon plans to roll-out IFS across all of its processes – from finance and project management to supply chain and manufacturing – supporting functions from engineering to HR. Its goal is to enable insight-driven decision-making and tighter cross-functional collaboration that support the company’s ambitions.

Vincent Heijmer, program manager at Demcon, said: “With IFS, we have one ERP system that covers all business streams, a technology partner with knowledge of the business and its processes, as well as a scalable solution that can expand in functionality and can be used in multiple countries, all contained within a well-managed and secure cloud environment. We are excited about our future potential.”

Frank Beerlage, country manager Benelux at IFS, said: “Demcon provides technological solutions that support complex issues with an impact on people and their everyday life, whether that entails medical systems or sustainable solutions relating to water or energy. We are delighted that Demcon has selected us as its technology partner and is trusting us to support the company’s future ambitions. We are looking forward to seeing the business grow.”