eBook: Three ways to approach digital transformation

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Digital transformation is not a new concept. However, it dates back to the beginning of computing and the advent of the internet. As technology has improved over the decades, digital transformations have evolved, enabling organizations to improve business results with tools that streamline processes and enhance customer experience.

Then came the development of the Oracle cloud to handle, analyze, and process increasingly larger sets of data. Oracle Cloud applications were built on machine learning to be agile and to make it possible for organizations across the globe to improve business functions from a single source of truth. As a result, the Oracle cloud and its applications are flexible and nimble. They have ushered in more capabilities, better outcomes, time and cost savings, improved productivity, and the automation of previously manual tasks.

In this eBook by Accelalpha, we will discuss the most common problems modern organizations face and how those issues drive the need for digital transformation. In addition to providing answers to these problems, it will outline the three recommended approaches and the benefits your organization can expect from a digital transformation.

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