Four steps to digital transformation – Part 2

Digital Transformation has been a growing topic of interest for several years, but the pandemic supercharged the shift to cloud computing. Companies migrated assets to the cloud 20-25 percent faster during the pandemic than in prior years. Some wonder if it is worth the initial investment to migrate to the cloud and if they will end up reducing costs in the long run.

While migrating to the cloud involves considerable risk, including an increase in costs during the short term. More organizations are starting to explore moving to the cloud and what that journey entails. There are many ways to approach the transition and several ways to prepare

for it. There are significant opportunities you can take advantage of throughout your cloud migration. Driving cost savings, improving productivity through automation, and making your organization more efficient are goals you can achieve when implementing a cloud-based digital transformation.

This eBook – part of a series by Accelalpha – will explore the third and fourth stages of digital transformation readiness in-depth and explain why each stage is crucial to a company’s success during a cloud implementation.

Download the eBook below. Read Part 1 here.