Enhancing your ServiceNow platform with Unifii

A close up of a computer circuitboard lit with a pale blue and orange glow | Unifii

ServiceNow has made a name for itself by setting up automated IT services for a plethora of different partners. The tech is certainly powerful and versatile but can be complex for those who may lack the necessary knowledge. Businesses hire entire teams to specifically work with the ServiceNow tech – the software is too valuable to ignore. The solutions for simplifying ServiceNow tech exist, however, and are waiting for you to tap into them.

Unifii’s ServiceNow Platform Management provides three different aspects that help companies mesh with their ServiceNow platform; technical, governance, and hybrid. Not all companies need all three aspects Unifii’s solution provides – your business can identify whichever factor it needs to work on.

First is the technical side of the ServiceNow platform. Unifii provides the necessary engineering, testing, upgrade, and support services your company may need. Whether the issue is complex or simple, the technical support is there to enhance your current ServiceNow capabilities. The validation and support configurations occur throughout the upgrade thanks to Unifii’s oversight.

The next aspect your business may need is governance. The Unifii team’s knowledge is for you to tap into at any time, helping you understand the full capabilities of the ServiceNow platform. Governance of the rest of the platform is also split between Unifii’s Architecture Service and Business Analysis Service.

If you’re not sure about what aspect of Unifii to tap into, you can choose a hybrid version between both factors. Those businesses that need both ongoing tech support and governance will favor this approach. Businesses can gain full value from the ServiceNow platform with Unifii’s explanation of the benefits on hand from the technology, simultaneously maintaining all the technical heavy lifting.

With the right experts, you can realize the full extent of the tech you have on hand. This utilization can then help accelerate your digital transformation.