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Closeup of complex aviation equipment | RamBase Griff Aviation
Griff Aviation upgrades its manufacturing arm with RamBase Cloud ERP
Griff Aviation was looking to upgrade its digital systems, specifically to address drone production and operational management. The scalability of RamBase Cloud ERP made it the perfect tool for the job.
Abstract image of a green and red net entwined together across a dark background | More4apps digital transformation
The complexity of migrating old data to new systems made easier with More4apps
A digital transformation more often than not requires migrating data from legacy systems to the new ones. With a combination of the right tools and suitable service provider, migrating legacy data doesn’t have to be a painful process.
abstract tech image of a blue city and red and white car lights in long exposure with a sign of SAP "S/4HANA" between the lights
Upgrading your business to SAP S/4HANA doesn’t need to be bogged down by pre-projects
One of the main factors slowing down the update to SAP S/4HANA is the fear of how much effort will be needed for the development of pre-projects in preparation for the mass data migration. However, there is a solution to that.
a room full of slightly suspended glass squares, all connected in a rectangular pattern | modern data warehouse SNP
Securing your data migration to a modern data warehouse with SNP Glue
Integrating SAP data with a modern data warehouse can provide you with the necessary business insights for unparalleled growth. SNP Glue is the tool that can help you migrate data to the warehouse securely and safely.
A collection of brightly coloured graphs and shapes indicating data analytics | EBS SplashBI
Reporting and analytics made simple with SplashEBS
Detailed data is needed to make the important business decisions that could determine your growth for the next year. Critical analysis is needed to divine the right insights, and the best service providers do so with a user interface that enhances comprehension of data.
Timelapsed light trails from a road at night, showing red and white trails of light | migrating Accelalpha
Cloud migration made all the easier with Oracle Cloud Migration Services
Digital transformations are becoming more frequent as companies fight to stay up-to-date and above the competition. Cloud technology is integral to modern business processes and, with the right tool on hand, your company can benefit from the system upgrade.
A laptop screen showing a set of different financial tech | financial 7FC
The signs you may have outgrown your current finance tech – and the right tool you need to meet the modern age
Financial technology is integral to most companies. However, sometimes we get too comfortable and can't determine when it's time to upgrade your technology. There are a few warning signals when your current software has run it's course - here's how to recognize them.
Skywards view of several black-glass buildings, reflecting the clouds above in the windows | CEOs survey EY
CEOs see business transformations as the new vogue – this is the sign to upgrade your tech
EY’s CEO Outlook Pulse survey in January 24 evaluated over 1,200 CEOs across 21 countries to find out what the desired projections are for the future. Business transformations are the hot topic to tap into.
A lovely blue sky framed by puffy white clouds creeping in from the left hand corner | cloud InsightSoftware
Moving to the cloud? Here are three things you need to consider before you do
Oracle ERP Cloud technology is a powerful tool that’s ideal for reinforcing your financial and accounting systems. Remember the factors you need to consider when deciding on what ERP technology to invest in and your business could see improvements in record time.
A skyward angle of a tall skyscraper that's reflecting the sunlight into a lens flare | GL Connect SplashBI
SplashBI releases new financial reporting app: GL Connect
SplashBI has announced the launch of a new and enhanced financial reporting app, GL Connect. The app will serve as a direct upgrade to its current financial reporting tool, SplashGL.   
A computer screen showing a mass of muti-coloured coding | Service Operations Unifii
Enhancing your ServiceNow capabilities Service Operations
Creating a seamless flow between your business operations is what you need to be looking for when considering which technology to use to accompany your digital transformation and, with the correct research, your decision could revolutionize how your processes work. 
A view overlooking a harbour that contrains a large amount of shipping containers | Supply Chain Management Accelalpha
Reinforcing your supply chain with Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Management
Accelalpha’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions tap into four different factors that could enhance your supply chain processes: order management, manufacturing, inventory management and Internet of Things devices. 
How you can upgrade your reporting capabilities with GL Connect
Finding inefficiencies in your processes and improving upon them is a standard affair for any modern business looking to improve. GL Connect improves upon data analysis and reporting speed - meaning any necessary business changes can be acted on quickly.
A silhouette of a superhero in a cape standing on top of a building while looking towards the sky on a rainy evening | JiVS IMP
How JiVS Information Management Platform can reduce your data-driven headaches
Managing large amounts of data can be a headache-inducing task. Solutions exist that can make data management a walk in the park, like JiVS IMP. With the right technology, industrial data management no longer has to be an anxiety-inducing exercise.
Aerial view of patchwork farmland dotted with wind turbines and slightly obscured by cloud cover | EY Sustainability
How EY’s value-led sustainability could help your business
EY’s climate change and sustainability services were created to support businesses in responding effectively to sustainability challenges and opportunities, while also helping companies transition towards Net Zero.
Abscract image of several spheres riplling across a milky landscape in ultraviolet colours | digital transformation 7FC
How to utilize a partner to help you with your digital transformation?
Juggling multiple different factors, projects, processes and new software is the sign of a good technological partner to accompany you. The right partner has the expertise and change management skills to give your business a top-to-bottom update. 
A closeup of 2 people working at a laptop, with one person trying to explain something to the other, you can only see their hands and forearms | Spinnaker Support third-party support
Third-party software support redefined by Spinnaker Support
Investing in third-party support may seem like you’re ‘cheating’ on your current software, but the tech on-hand has been created to be receptive to any modifications that may be introduced - your business could achieve efficiencies you wouldn’t have thought possible.
A close up of a computer circuitboard lit with a pale blue and orange glow | Unifii
Enhancing your ServiceNow platform with Unifii
ServiceNow technology is powerful and versatile. While the tech can be complex for those unfamiliar with the software, there are service providers that can further enhance the technology that ServiceNow offers.
A set of power pylons against a backdrop of a sunset that gradients from blue green orange | solutions SNP
The SNP methodology and how it enhances industrialized data transformations
Juggling multiple, on-going projects, while simultaneously improving interoperability between the new processes via a digital solution, is one of SNP's specialities.
A series of cables plugged into a connection board | Global Shop Solutions on-premise ERP
Modern on-premise ERP for the manufacturing sector
Remember, when you’re deciding about what ERP solution to choose, don’t just dive straight for a provider. Research, take your time choosing and consider that an on-premise ERP could be the answer to your manufacturing woes.
A side-on view of an audience listening intently to someone out-of-frame | fudgelearn digital transformation
During a digital transformation, don’t forget your workforce
Digital transformations are a huge overhaul and typically require a fair amount of reskilling for your workforce. Luckily, there are services available that can provide training that has been specifically catered to your company and industry.
An abstract picture of blue, electronic fibre lines reaching their way across a vertical, metal surface | Axelor Q1
Axelor to release BI, Connect and Template products in Q1 release
Low-code vendor Axelor has announced the upcoming release of three new products slated for Q1 2024; Axelor BI, Axelor Connect and Axelor Template. The Q1 releases will focus on business intelligence, automated app connections and automated document generation capabilities. 
A close up of a shop sign, showing 'open' in a large font | Coop Danmark KPS
KPS delivers end-to-end process upgrades to retail group Coop Danmark
In cooperation with KPS, the Danish retail group Coop Danmark has successfully implemented and orchestrated a SAP S/4HANA migration of its end-to-end process landscape, ranging from procurement to supply chain, sales and finance.
Emma O'Brien Embridge Consulting
Emma O’Brien, founder of Embridge Consulting, named Entrepreneur of the Year
The awards, now in their 26th year, are a recognition of exceptional businesses, while also showcasing particular SMEs of note. The ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category recognizes long-standing, established entrepreneurs with a record for business success.
A crowd of people at a live show with their hands outstretched to the air and with bright lights shining down on the crowd | SplashBI Live Nation
Sing it loud and proud! SplashBI support Live Nation with their reporting woes
Global live-music events promoter and venue operator, Live Nation, handles a gargantuan amount of data spread across various segments. It needed a tech update to be able to handle the day-to-day processes comfortably, an update SplashBI were more than happy to implement.
View of a semi cloudy sky on a rather sunny day | systemair Infor
Infor supports Systemair as they fly to higher ambitions
Infor announced that Europe's largest ventilation company, Systemair, is moving its core business system to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing. Systemair want smoother integration of acquired companies and development of new types of products and services.
A laptop open, resting on a couch, showing important-looking charts on the screen | SAM Inoapps
Inoapps becomes the first of Oracle’s partners to gain new SAM program accreditation
Inoapps announced that it is Oracle’s first global partner to be accredited for the new software asset management (SAM) program. Inoapps is accredited in Western Europe, with North America and APAC to follow by January 2024. 
Dark tunnel half full with trucks and lorries | Connected Operations Cloud Samsara
Samsara snags Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award for Commercial Telematics solutions
Frost & Sullivan say Samsara snagged the award by solving key industry problems via a versatile product range, along with its work as part of the Connected Operations Cloud.
Molten metal being poured from a smelter into a giant vat | Axelor TKMF
Don’t stop the clock! How Axelor overhauled TKMF’s processes in record time
Axelor’s process overhauls and providing the ability to adapt to whatever future issue may arise have helped sustain TKMF’s over 600 employees in times of technological upheaval and industrial change.
A crane in the middle of several sand dunes, with the dunes being too tall to see the base of the crane | Leonhart Group SAP
Nagarro help ground the Leonhart Group into Industry 4.0 with SAP S/4HANA Cloud
The Leonhart Group hit an inevitable roadblock: outdated information systems - more specifically, old software tools that make consolidating data more complex than it needs to be. Enter Nagarro and their deft use of the public edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
An inquisitive, child-like robot looking up at the camera, with no soul behind the eyes | MyWave.AI
Sapphire and MyWave.AI give AI Copilot the wheel for SAP Business One
Sapphire and MyWave.AI announced the integration of SAP’s AI Copilot for Business One users, with the ultimate goal of enhancing and improving the user experience.