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A man and a woman sitting at a computer as the woman points at the screen and comtemplates something | training CloudRock
How to build an effective learning environment
Training, upskilling and reskilling are necessary processes that come hand-in-hand with most digital transformations. Creating the right learning environment for a workforce that needs to get to grips with new technology can be the difference between failure and success with a tech implementation.
Happy coworkers celebrating something on a laptop screen in a room containing many files | workforce Accelalpha
The talent you need already exists within your workforce
Hiring new talent to oversee new technology can be a long process that doesn’t always guarantee quick results. Rather than looking externally for a spark of creativity or innovation, firms do their workforce a disservice by not even considering an upskilling/reskilling service.
A stephoscope laying crumpled on a white surface with several tiny round pills scattered arounds | SuiteSuccess Oracle NetSuite
Oracle reinforces healthcare solutions with SuiteSuccess Healthcare Edition
NetSuite, a cloud business suite subsidiary of Oracle, recently announced the creation of NetSuite SuiteSuccess Healthcare Edition, a solution that can help healthcare organizations improve business efficiency while also continuing to support Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance.
A collage of binary code that has a red heart imposed across the middle | reskilling EY
Embrace the machine, no need to rage against it
Rather than falling victim to anxiety-induced stagnancy over incorrect or outdated information, reskilling and upskilling a workforce could lay the foundations for a successful ERP implementation. 
A laptop showing several graphs and other such visualized data sitting on a glass counter | financial More4apps
Eliminating the burdens of financial processes in Oracle ERP
Many would be surprised to learn how many financial processes still rely on manual data entry. If so many important processes and reports rely on manually processed data in your ERP system, there is unnecessary space for error.
A manufacturing shop floor showing several, orange robot arms ready to start assembling | Global Shop Solutions planning
How effective planning and scheduling tools could determine the success of your manufacturing processes
Once an effective planning and scheduling tool has been implemented within a firm’s manufacturing processes, leadership could expect to see an injection of important data insights. These data insights can be used to enhance efficiencies across manufacturing operations.
Close up of some hands tapping away at a laptop with a high-tech orange and blue overlay | DMI architects
Build them up! Don’t forget how important enterprise architects are
The advent of enterprise architects is a response to the influx of ERP transformations. Enterprise architects make sure a client's tech environment is ready to take on the software upgrade with speed. With a good team of enterprise architects, a firm can get a rapid ROI.
A view of a cityscape from the base of the buildings that shows the dark reflections from the skyscrapers | Copperleaf
IFS branch out across Northern America with the acquisition of Copperleaf Technologies
IFS announced its acquisition of advanced provider of AI-powered enterprise Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) company Copperleaf Technologies. Copperleaf uses financial data to help clients make informed investment decisions.
A very bright landscape of clouds above the cloud line | IFS
Having a head in the cloud can help bring agility and adaptability to manufacturing processes
In an increasingly modernized industry, businesses can’t afford to ignore the potential of artificial intelligence. Consider the impact cloud-enhanced services could have on a manufacturer - it could provide a headstart on the road to optimization and modernization.
A moody coloured shot of a vintage Ricoh branded SLR camera against a dark, wooden background | Ricoh Company Rimini Street
Ricoh Company maintain an image of top ERP health thanks to Rimini Street
Ricoh Company’s collaboration with Rimini Street resulted in real time, zero-day vulnerability protection without the need for extensive system downtime. The addition of Rimini Support meant that Ricoh Company’s Oracle systems will always be running at full speed despite being out-of-date.
A group of three people sitting at a table with their laptops open and laughing in a cozy setting | Rossera user experience
Using automation to improve the user experience
A cloud automation solution can change the entire user experience. In doing so, tedious activities can now be automated while users can focus on how best to innovate and stand out in their respective industries.
A blurred image of several computer screens chock full of code with a pair of glasses set on the desk in front of them - the angle shows through the glasses is in focus | third-party Rimini Street
Roadmap control and TCO are some of the main drivers for seeking third-party support
It's easy to understand why some firms may think twice about reaching out to third-party service providers. However, those third-party providers could offer a unique solution to a business' unique issues.
A close up of a chicken burger sitting on top of a chick-fil-a takeout bag | Chick-fil-A SplashBI
Bang for your cluck – how SplashBI helped revolutionize Chick-fil-A’s operational reporting
Chick-fil-A needed a robust, future-proof solution for their EBS operational reporting - the previous legacy system would be incompatible with modern tech and unable to receive any further Oracle support. Chick-fil-A called on SplashBI expertise to help.
An overhead view of a warehouse full of stock | Material Allocation Celonis
Celonis announces general availability of Material Allocation app
The Material Allocation app can help address inventory stock issues by using supply and demand data to identify an excess or shortage in materials. The app can also provide users with a unified view of their materials and offer optimal stock transfer recommendations.
image of person welding/grinding with sparks flying toward the camera | Manufacturing solution
The secret to the ideal manufacturing solution? Pick one who is more than just a service provider
Manufacturing solutions are a dime-a-dozen, so how can anyone determine the right one for a business? Dusty Alexander, CEO and president, Global Shop Solutions, informed ERP Today of the elements that firms need to pay attention to when looking for the ideal manufacturing solution.
a group of people sitting around a wooden desk in a collaborative meeting, photo taken behind a glass wall | HR Tech Con and Expo 2024
HR Tech Con and Expo Europe 24: AI, people analytics and an improved user experience
Last month’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition 2024 was where HR experts and professionals showcased the latest innovations in HCM technology and discussed how the landscape of HR systems would change in the coming year.
Close up image of some corners of newspapers with 'world business' having particular focus | liquidity Kyriba
Kyriba report: boosts in corporate liquidity highlight the need for agility and resilience in CFOs
A recent report by liquidity specialists Kyriba found corporate liquidity health increased to nearly $3.5tn by the close of 2023, an overall year-on-year increase of $180bn compared to 2022. Total public liquidity of those US companies with over $1bn in revenue has trended higher over the last four quarters, which the report says is evidence of ongoing economic uncertainty.
A wide-angle lens view of a warehouse with orange shelves, stacked with materials | supply chain Accelalpha
What makes a robust supply chain solution?
To investigate the factors behind what makes a robust supply chain solution, and what to expect in the future for supply chains, ERP Today spoke with Oracle Cloud consultancy Accelalpha and its senior solutions director, Chi Park. Despite it being...
Close up of a circuitboard with orange lights on the left and blue lights on the right |
Are LLMs the future of ERP technology?
Large language models can process a vast array of data in context, essentially laying the foundations for automation solutions. EY, empowered by a LLM, launched its AI platform,, in September 2023 and shared with us the benefits of the new, collaborative efforts.
image of CloudRock CEO Minos Ataliotis.
CloudRock shoots for the stars with GCP investment
Growth Capital Partners, a UK-based investor focused in the technology and services sectors, has announced a new partnership with leading ERP digital transformation business, CloudRock. The union is to support CloudRock’s UK growth while also helping with international expansion.
A city at night with a timelapse of red streaks of light indicating speed | extraction Rossera
How a data extraction solution can accelerate an implementation
Data extraction is a necessary and frequently underestimated process for all business tranformations. A centralized extraction solution could lessen the burden on ERP systems while also providing the breathing room needed to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.
A connection of red cables neatly plugged into a cable router | hub Celonis
How a centralized hub can help you quantify the value of a business transformation
Centralizing disconnected, disprate systems together under one, easy-to-read hub can help you uncover hidden business value that you may not have taken advantage of yet.
A long exposure shot from the front of a train showing a blurred, white and futuristic tunnel | migration More4apps
Have you prepared your data for migration to the cloud?
Data needs to be cleansed before uploading it to Oracle Cloud. By leveraging the solutions created by service providers, businesses can transition smoothly without having to worry about legacy data-draining resources.
Close up view of a man holding an axel grinder with sparks flying off the metal | manufacturing IFS
Manufacturing processes aren’t exempt from business transformations
The need for a robust, cloud-enhanced manufacturing system was recognized by manufacturing-focused software specialists IFS, whose IFS Cloud solution can provide several methods to positively alter shop floor processes, ultimately improving the end user experience.
The constellation of Orion shining in a night's sky through light cloud cover | Constellation Shortlist Nextworld
Reach for the stars: Nextworld joins Constellation Shortlist for composable approach
Nextworld hopes to use its inclusion in the Constellation Shortlist to further demonstrate its commitment to providing businesses with an optimal path forward in their technology stacks.
A green tinted hallway containing many servers on either side | energy data migration international
Saving energy in IT: It’s time to take action
Industry 4.0 is in full swing, which mean energy costs to run new IT systems have never been higher. Sustainability needs to be considered with each new tech upgrade, and efforts should be taken to cut down on all unnecessary, energy-draining systems.
A top-down view of a book with the word's 'from the real experts' printed along the side of the pages, the front cover is orange and says the ultimate insider guide | 7FC Sage Intacct
Leveraging the right expertise could help unlock Sage Intacct potential
Operational efficiency is a vital step towards positive growth, and that goal can be achieved with the right expertise. Consultation services can help provide the tools needed for mid-market sized businesses to optimize their Sage Intacct services.
The corner of an open laptop showing different apps in multiple colours while the laptop rests on a white desk with similar erratic colours in the background | insightsoftware Spreadsheet Server
How insightsoftware’s Spreadsheet Server has helped revolutionize manual processes
Integrating live ERP data directly from an Excel spreadsheet and empowering a team to create their own custom reports, which in turn leads to better decisions from leadership, are signs of a robust solution.
Abstract blurry image of several different blue dots at the end of fiber wires, looking like light blue sparklers | SplashBI analytics
The right analytics tool could be the spark your business needs for growth
Analytics tools have evolved beyond simple reporting; maybe it’s time you investigated how much it can positively affect your business. New technology doesn't always make matters complex; in some cases, it can even simplify processes.
A black, reflective prism under an orange spotlight in a dark blue room | Process Intelligence Celonis
How Process Intelligence breaks down silos and helps you balance SLAs, costs and working capital
Supply chain problems are process problems and, by taking a process-first approach to supply chain transformation, businesses are delivering real-world value. The right supply chain solution could be the tool you need to help reach your growth targets.
Abstract image of a black, reflected keyboard that's slightly blurry | Unifii ServiceNow
A simplified Service Operations experience from Unifii
Whether it’s something like a quick efficiency boost to some processes or a comprehensive top-to-bottom overhaul of your company systems; with the right advice and managed support, you can elevate your ServiceNow solutions to achieve greater profitability and maximize efficiency.