ERP Today Live! Digital competencies for a robust finance function, with Infor

This is the second session in a 3 part series looking back at articles we wrote in 2019 so we can find out if our predictions were correct and what’s changed in the last 2 years. This session focusses on digital competencies, with a particular emphasis on the finance function, and back in 2019 we wrote:

‘In every vertical market there will be winners and losers and it is likely that the victors will share some common DNA while the defeated will unfortunately bear the same characteristics.”

The article looked specifically at the competencies and skills that digitally enabled businesses would need to succeed. In this session, we take a deeper look at the key traits for successful finance transformation and provide insight into how finance can become a value-driver for modern businesses.

In this session, Dick Van Roosmalen, a director of solution consulting at Infor discusses the changing role of the finance function and provides insight into the type of characteristics and competencies required to build a digital finance function.