ERP Today Live! with LTIMindtree

Recession has returned once again, meaning interesting times when it comes to merger and acquisition activity. Looking closely at M&A activity, over a quarter of deal value is invested in financial services, perhaps reflecting the impact of digital transformation in driving deals.

But while M&As may be an important part of corporate growth strategies, enabling FS organizations to expand their market presence and bolster their capabilities, the technical complexities of combining two companies mean digital transformation strategies are at risk of being stalled. 

In this ERP Today Live! session Srinivas Rao, EVP and chief business officer of LTIMindtree, discusses whether M&As accelerate or hinder digital transformation strategies, and how to ensure a more seamless IT transformation when two FS organizations merge.

The C-suite exec has some experience here; in one of tech’s largest mergers to date, LTI and Mindtree integrated in November to become LTIMindtree, and Rao has overseen the integration of multiple ERP systems following significant M&A activity.