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Beyond compliance: Integrating tax strategies with digital transformation

Historically tax compliance was a manual self-service process completed at the end of a reporting period. Today, paper-based returns are a thing of the past and tax authorities have developed new ways to assess liabilities and enforce compliance while ensuring that international commerce is tracked across geographies and jurisdictions.

Tax authorities across the world are digitalising and connecting processes while tax compliance is increasingly a data driven activity which is measured in real time. Virtually all businesses activities have tax implications which go far beyond the responsibility of the tax department and businesses of all shapes and sizes must consider tax as an integral part of their digital transformation journeys.

However, a significant proportion of enterprises do not have tax strategies in place that meet the demands of the new tax regime, nor do they have sufficient tax technology to ensure tax management can be used as a business value driver.

Join Deloitte on this ERP Today Live! session to understand the latest trends in tax legislation, how to utilise tax technologies to ensure that your tax strategies go beyond compliance and maximise the opportunities to make tax work for you.

  • Tax landscape – what all business leaders need to know about tax in 2021.
  • Tax responsibilities and mindset – tax is no longer just the responsibility of the tax department. How to ensure a tax mindset is embedded in your organisation.
  • Tax authorities go digital – coordinated effort by tax authorities to gain more visibility on the tax position of enterprises through better use of digital technologies and real-time data driven policies.
  • Tax compliance – Direct access to an enterprises’ source systems – what are the implications? • Tax technology – how can it be used to improve efficiencies, align reporting, provisioning and ensure compliance
  • Beyond compliance – what are the benefits of an integrated tax strategy and how can businesses use tax legalisation and tax technologies to benefit their organisation?


Susanne de Nooijer Partner Deloitte Belastingadviseurs BV
Paul Esherwood Editor ERP Today