SNP Group | Jun 19-20 (Heidelberg, Germany)

SNP Transformation World 2024

Save the date for SNP’s Transformation World 2024 taking place at the SNP dome in Heidelberg, Germany.

Join SNP for an opportunity to network, share ideas and win together with its partners and experts.

Attendees can talk to experts from SNP’s implementation, development and product management teams and make a real impact on our product roadmaps. They will also have the opportunity to connect with other professionals in small workshop groups to hear what’s working and what’s not.

Speaking of the event, Jens Amail, CEO of SNP, said: “I’m delighted to extend our invitation to join us again in the upcoming year. We’re excited to provide a unique platform for all our peers and communities. Let’s anticipate another year filled with valuable exchanges, insightful experiences and the collective exploration of new business opportunities.”

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