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The evolution of ERP and the rise of touchless applications

ERP applications have come a long way since they were managed on a green screen and powered by mainframes. Functionality, appear- ance and useability have taken huge steps forward over the decades but even the most advanced applications failed to deliver on ERP’s true potential.

The rise of automation, intelligence, and touchless applications closes the loop and transforms ERP from loosely coupled, manually-powered applications into integrated, autonomous, end to end solutions that are capable of radically transforming the finance function within enterprises.

Join Paul Esherwood and Deloitte for this ERP Today Live! session where we explore the future of ERP applications and discover the benefits that touchless finance can bring to your organisation.

  • Introduction – moving the finance function from back office to value driver
  • Process mining and identifying opportunities for automation
  • Accuracy, speed, and efficiency are bywords for tomorrow’s finance function
  • A transformative workplace requires new ways to manage workflows
  • Leveraging the finance team for insight, service, and high value tasks
  • Combatting concerns, managing risk, and ensuring efficacy
  • Integrating touchless finance – how to get started?
  • Deloitte and Oracle partnership at the forefront of the finance revolution


Rory McCamley Senior Manager Deloitte MCS Ltd.
Paul Esherwood Editor ERP Today