Google Cloud unveils next move in AI Wars with Microsoft

Generative AI, that is, the ability to create text, images, code, videos, audio and more from simple natural language prompts is poised to welcome a new way of transforming user experience and how people interact with information.

Google Cloud has announced that its new generative AI capabilities are now available for developers, businesses, and governments. It will kick off a new era of interactive ability with the release of two products.

Generative AI in Vertex AI will give data science teams access to foundation models from Google and others, allowing users to build and customize on the same platform they use for homegrown ML models and MLOps. As a result, this product offers a straightforward way for data science teams to take advantage of foundation models to provide them with more choice and control.

Meanwhile, the new Generative AI App Builder allows developers to quickly ship new experiences including bots, chat interfaces, custom search engines, digital assistants and more. Developers will have API access to Google’s foundation models and use out-of-the-box templates to jumpstart the creation of generative apps in minutes or hours rather than weeks or years. This product allows businesses and governments to make customer, partner and employee interactions more effective and helpful.

In terms of driving tangible value in the enterprise, the new Google Cloud capabilities include automated content creation, AI experiences and assistants for most tasks, searching and understanding large datasets and providing a foundation to jumpstart a new wave of generative app startups.

Furthermore, the new products have been developed in line with Google AI ethics principles to ensure transparency, explainability, privacy and factuality features within the data models.

In line with the new product release, Google Cloud has also partnered with Midjourney, as it opens up its partnership ecosystem to more businesses looking to harness AI foundational models. The Midjourney research lab provides a platform for AI-powered creative tools for creating visual imagery with natural language interfaces.

With Google Cloud covering businesses, tech developers, government and creatives, will the new release see it push one move ahead in the AI wars with Microsoft? Watch this (work)space.

Ritu Jyoti, group vice president, worldwide artificial intelligence and automation research, IDC said: “Google Cloud is bringing decades of AI research, innovation and investment to the world with the launch of generative AI support in Vertex AI and Generative AI App Builder.

“With this, Google Cloud is poised to enable a whole new generation of builders, innovators, developers and doers to harness the power of AI in novel ways. Google Cloud’s vision to empower teams, transform industries and truly change the world for the better is inspiring, and what sets them apart is their thoughtful yet bold approach, grounded in their deep commitment to responsibility.”

Santosh Bardwaj, SVP, global chief data and analytics officer at CNA Insurance, said: “Since its launch, Vertex AI has helped transform the way CNA scales AI, better managing machine learning models in production. With Generative AI support in Vertex AI, CNA can now tailor its insights to best suit the unique business needs of customers and colleagues.”