Good vibes from Workday

Workday has announced two new offerings, VIBE Central and VIBE Index, to help HR leaders advance belonging and diversity (B&D) initiatives and better ‘VIBE’-value, inclusion, belonging, and equity-within the workplace.

VIBE Central provides a centralised foundation for companies to assess, measure, benchmark, and manage diversity and representation in their workforce. With VIBE Index, Workday delivers a comprehensive B&D index that allows HR leaders to create a tailored plan aimed at driving positive outcomes.

Carin Taylor, chief diversity officer at Workday, said: “Every diversity leader faces the huge task of building and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, but they need deeper insights than what is offered in products today to do this effectively.

“Data-driven technologies are critical in measuring and tracking belonging, equity, diversity, and inclusion to help us better understand and improve the experiences of all demographics. Innovative solutions like VIBE Central and VIBE Index will help drive the successes we want to achieve as we strive to create a more equitable workplace.”