Google Cloud and Apollo Hospitals partner to improve healthcare access

Healthcare professional gazing through microscope in a clinical setting | Google Cloud healthcare

Google Cloud has broadened its partnership with Apollo Hospitals to provide healthcare accessibility in India with its digital platform, Apollo 24|7.

The partnership is expected to improve access to healthcare for individuals across the country, particularly those in rural areas where resources are typically scarce.

Apollo 24|7, built on Google Cloud, provides healthcare services to individuals, such as online doctor consultations, home delivery of medication and improved clinician decision-making.

Teams from Apollo 24|7 have worked with Google Cloud to build a Clinical Intelligence Engine (CIE) using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and generative GenAI models. The CIE service uses data from Apollo Hospitals and large language models (LLMs) from Google Cloud to create a solution that keeps all patient data securely within the hospitals’ systems.

The partnership is supporting the AskApollo patient-facing care navigation service. The service was built on top of Apollo’s CIE and developed using millions of clinical data points gathered over 40 years and analyzed using Google Cloud’s AI and ML technologies.

Apollo Hospitals will also explore the use of Med-PaLM 2, a LLM developed by Google that is trained in medical knowledge and can answer medical questions and generate clinical text summaries.

In collaboration with Google Cloud partner, Searce, the Apollo 24|7 engineering teams deployed 78 microservices and over 40 databases on Google Cloud with zero downtime. Its data lake is built on Google BigQuery, which brings together siloed data onto a single platform to support better decision-making and clinical outcomes.

Shobana Kamineni, vice chairperson, Apollo Hospitals said: “Access to timely and accurate health information is a real challenge in India, and our partnership with Google Cloud is poised to address it through various collaborations. Apollo’s expertise, data and hospital network will help shape a new era of precision and empathy in clinical decision-making with medical grade generative AI and AskApollo embodies the fusion of technology and compassion to revolutionize patient care.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud, commented: “Generative AI has the transformative power to bring conversational medicine to clinicians and patients alike. Our work with Apollo Hospitals will improve accessibility in healthcare, support clinicians and care teams and drive better patient engagement – ultimately benefiting millions of Indians.”