Griff Aviation upgrades its manufacturing arm with RamBase Cloud ERP

Closeup of complex aviation equipment | RamBase Griff Aviation

Within the aerospace industry, staying ahead is not just about innovating in the skies but also on the ground, specifically in the realms of production and operational management. Griff Aviation, known for its versatile modular drones, faced this exact challenge.

Producing innovation from the ground up


Griff Aviation is a Norwegian drone manufacturer, specializing in manufacturing high-capacity modular drones. Designed for rapid payload and battery interchange, these drones boast impressive specifications: a maximum payload of 60kg coupled with up to three hours of flight time, and target sectors where precision and reliability are paramount, such as defense and offshore operations. However, with rapid growth came the pressing need to upscale compliance with the stringent regulations of the Norwegian aerospace and defense industry, including comprehensive traceability and quality control standards.

Catalyst for change

By 2022, the company found itself at a critical crossroads. The existing infrastructure, though functional, was not optimized for the scale and complexity of operations that Griff Aviation was experiencing. The lack of integration and the reliance on localized, manual systems led to operational bottlenecks, impeding growth and efficiency. Recognizing the urgency to adopt a more cohesive and scalable solution, Griff Aviation embarked on a quest for a Cloud ERP system that could address these challenges head-on.


The search for a solution led Griff Aviation to partner with Arribatec and choose the RamBase Cloud ERP system. Implementing RamBase marked a turning point in their operational capabilities. The system offered an end-to-end supply chain visibility, sophisticated handling of complex bill of materials, and item-level traceability – crucial features that Griff Aviation needed. Beyond its industry-specific functionalities, RamBase promised military-grade cloud hosting and top-tier information security, ensuring that Griff Aviation’s data remained secure and compliant with industry standards.

A four-month implementation process

The decision to implement RamBase Cloud ERP required the close collaboration of functional managers across various departments, guided by Griff Aviation founder, Leif Johan Holand. Their collective commitment to the project facilitated a remarkably swift and effective implementation process, completed within a remarkable brief timeframe of only four months.

RamBase’s efforts resulted in a 200 percent increase of production capacity, with Griff Aviation achieving 100 percent inventory accuracy – allowing for significant reductions in waste and inefficiencies.

Leif Johan Holand, founder of Griff Aviation, reflected on the decision, stating, “We were looking for a system that was suitable for our business and that was flexible and could help us manage our critical business functions and support further growth. After considering several options, we realized that RamBase Cloud ERP was the best.”

The RamBase Cloud ERP integration offered a range of advantages for the drone manufacturer. With minimal downtime, and complete data integrity and security, Griff Aviation could conduct a full migration of all current and historical business data into a complete cloud ERP solution. The solution is now end-to-end, covering all the company’s business processes, with no future requirements to upgrade to new systems.

Griff Aviation has noticed several business benefits since, with the new system operating with all aerospace and defense industries quality controls and regulations, and addressing any potential risks. The enhanced quality control measures have enabled Griff Aviation to maintain commitments to excellence and reliability, and the standardized and centralized data has also enabled more efficient control over operational processes – while also providing reports for business intelligence.

Ultimately, the upgrade has allowed the manufacturer to operate with a system they can scale with, while taking advantage of all the initiatives and functionality the platform offers.

RamBase Cloud ERP scalability and comprehensive coverage of business processes mean that Griff Aviation is now well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the aerospace and defense industries, including compliance with regulations and managing operational risks. This strategic implementation has not only optimized their internal operations but has also attracted investor interest and government funding, setting a solid foundation for future growth.