Gulfsands moves to multi-tenant financial cloud with Infor

Gulfsands moves to multi-tenant financial cloud with Infor

Energy company, Gulfsands has selected Infor SunSystems Cloud as its financial platform via Infor Gold Channel Partner Progressive TSL.

As the first customer of the multi-tenant cloud financial application, Gulfsands expects to benefit from enhanced security, reduced risk, and a smaller physical and environmental IT footprint, enabling greater resource availability and focus on its core business goals.

The London based energy company opted for a cloud deployment to take advantage of having no physical servers, with the reduced risk, cost, and improved security as a result, as well as the updated functionality and capabilities in the latest version of SunSystems. The cloud will also support the increasingly dispersed workforce, whether it involves finance professionals working from home or in geographically spread projects or teams.

Joe Vargas, VP and general manager of Infor SunSystems, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Gulfsands as our first Infor SunSystems customer to embrace the benefits of a full cloud deployment.

“So much more than a modern accounting system, SunSystems multi-tenant cloud delivers improved collaboration, security and a lower total cost of ownership that puts this energy leader in the best position from which to pursue its expansion and scale the business.”

Andrew Morris, Gulfsands’ finance director, said: “Having been a long-standing user of Infor SunSystems and having moved our other core systems to the cloud, we are incredibly excited to be the first SunSystems multi-tenant cloud customer.

“This provides important continuity in terms of both our joint venture and standalone financial reporting. The security, risk and cost benefits are also hugely valuable at a time when we are getting ready to scale-up our business, and this will allow us to focus fully on our core business goals rather than dealing with an aging IT infrastructure that is out of kilter with the modern world.”