IFS Cloud gets its first major update for 2022

IFS has released the first of two updates to its IFS Cloud product for 2022. The April release, available now, is aimed at enhancing enterprise insights, process automation and employee experience.

The IFS Cloud April 2022 release delivers improved predictive capabilities and more intelligent analytics for faster time-to-insight. The heightened automation delivered in the release requires fewer human inputs, potentially allowing employees to focus more on high-value activities as well as reduce the risk of human errors.

New specific analytic enhancements include new models for EAM, CRM, HCM, and manufacturing and self-service analytics to improve visibility and provide a better user experience, extended asset performance prediction, and ready-to-go analytics.

Alongside a reinforced connection between the field and the front and back offices, the April update introduces a service request capability, including support for quotation management, more nuanced location and employee management, plus improvements to inventory and supply chain capability.

Also included is Boomi Connector with pre-built mappings connecting IFS Cloud and 3rd party CRM vendors such as Salesforce.

Christian Pedersen, IFS chief product officer, said: “With IFS Cloud and with this April 2022 release, we are continuing to break down these artificial constructs and deliver capabilities that are aligned to how customers run their business – end to end.”

“As an example, customers want intelligent insights faster and they want to accelerate automation, but they want to do this across their people, assets and customers’ processes so that they can garner more value faster”.