Inoapps becomes the first of Oracle’s partners to gain new SAM program accreditation

A laptop open, resting on a couch, showing important-looking charts on the screen | SAM Inoapps

Inoapps announced that it is Oracle’s first global partner to be accredited for the new software asset management (SAM) program. Inoapps is accredited in Western Europe, with North America and APAC to follow by January 2024.

Oracle says its advisory program is designed to help customers manage software assets and align their Oracle contracts with actual software usage. The global scheme means Inoapps global customers will have access to the new program.

The program offers customers regular reviews and updates to their licensing and subscriptions, with the chance to gain audit exemptions from Oracle. The newly accredited SAM service was created to help guide customers through Oracle software licensing.

As part of the service, Inoapps will provide evidential data accompanied with clear explanations and documentation detailing each area of a customer’s software estate. The new SAM program, as a subscription service, can help customers with their software licensing position. Inoapps say its goal is to provide their customers with peace-of-mind for what could be a complex matter.

The official program, launched by Oracle at CloudWorld in Las Vegas in September 2023, is designed to cover customers on premises estates in database and options, fusion middleware and E-business suite.

Andrew Norris, SVP commercial management, Inoapps, said: “Inoapps provides a wealth of experience in licensing and managing Oracle estates. From infrastructure to applications, procurement to decommissioning, we help our customers through the entire lifecycle of Oracle software asset management. What this means in real-world terms is that we can help our customers identify potential licensing risks and then help fix them with both licensing expertise and practical technical assistance.”