KPMG UK joins SAP PartnerEdge to advance business transformation

two hands using a laptop and one pointing at the screen | KPMG UK joins SAP PartnerEdge to help advance business transformation

KPMG UK has announced it has joined the SAP PartnerEdge program to help users fast-track their digital transformation journeys and become future-ready businesses.

By combining KPMG’s industry-specific, business-centric approach with SAP’s technology, the duo aims to provide access to leading practice operating models pre-configured on SAP, along with human-led leading practice implementation. 

As more organizations strive to transform and their demand for cloud-enabled technology steadily increases, KPMG professionals are focusing on helping clients accelerate business transformation, enabling generative AI adoption and enhancing ESG transparency to help businesses become more agile, data-driven and resilient.

In addition, the SAP PartnerEdge program enables members to leverage the power of the SAP ecosystem and gain access to a range of enablement tools and support to facilitate building disruptive applications for specific business needs.

Ian West, head of alliances at KPMG UK, said: “When our clients spend money on digital transformation projects and emerging technologies, they want to be confident that it will help solve their greatest challenges. 

“With KPMG in the UK joining the SAP PartnerEdge program, our clients will benefit from a fresh combination of our valued knowledge and SAP’s leading technologies to help them achieve their objectives and get the most from their investment.”

The KPMG global network of member firms has more than 6,000 existing SAP-specialized consultants working to help clients increase their capabilities, drive sustainable growth and open up broader cloud-enabled opportunities.

Helping accelerate business transformation, the KPMG digital transformation suite includes KPMG Powered Enterprise, an outcome-driven, functional transformation solution which aims to drive rapid transformation and efficient time-to-value for clients. 

To enable increased ESG transparency, KPMG’s business-first approach and sustainability tracking tools running on SAP software, allow it to better help clients embed sustainability data into core business processes to generate actions from insight into ESG data. This includes helping to improve forecasting and planning, as well as data management, which aims to increase efficiencies with ESG reporting and improve balanced decision-making.

“As a member of the PartnerEdge program, KPMG in the UK can accelerate digital transformation for organizations across the region. With KPMG’s expertise in business-centric solutions, we will help to empower enterprises to embrace the future with confidence and agility,” said Celine Cazali, chief partner officer of SAP UKI.

“Together, we’re transforming businesses, shaping the future of industries and delivering value at speed. This collaboration will help drive innovation for our customers by enabling them to be more resilient and data-driven. We are excited about our work together to help cultivate success for our UKI customers.” 

Earlier this month, KPMG UK also announced a new partnership with Databricks, aimed to help it achieve faster innovation by empowering its services with AI.

The combination of KPMG’s technical expertise with the Databricks Data Intelligence Lakehouse Platform is poised to help clients innovate, using an open, scalable platform to meet their data-driven requirements.