KPMG to build “solid data foundations” in partnership with Databricks

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KPMG UK has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Databricks, part of its ongoing efforts to improve clients’ data experience.

In its partnership with Databricks, as a leader in data and AI, KPMG hopes to achieve faster innovation by empowering its services with AI.

The combination of KPMG’s technical expertise with the Databricks Data Intelligence Lakehouse Platform is poised to help clients innovate, using an open, scalable platform to meet their data-driven requirements.

Ian West, head of alliances, KPMG UK, said that achieving value from investments in AI is “impossible without good data foundations, including data accuracy and access.” He explained that because “AI is moving at such a pace, organizations need to know that any tools they use or build are developed on the best data architecture with an appropriate data strategy”.

“That’s why we are thrilled to announce our alliance with Databricks, so we can support our clients, whether it’s to better utilize their data and innovate at speed or to deliver them more robust audits,” West added.

KPMG’s Audit practice is also embedding the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform within KPMG Clara, its global audit technology platform. By using Databricks technology, KPMG auditors can analyze billions of financial transactions across thousands of audits, driving enhanced audit quality and deeper insights into audit-related risks.

KPMG also stated that the alliance will aim to assist the company in adopting AI within its audits by using Databricks’ “robust backbone for reliable data and AI solutions that support high-quality audit delivery”.

Michael Green, VP of Northern Europe at Databricks, also commented on the announcement. He said that soon more UK businesses will “build solid data foundations” in which “generative AI can start to drive tangible business outcomes”.

“We are therefore proud to form this alliance with KPMG to support more businesses in adopting a modern data architecture – one that is built on open standards with a robust governance model.”

KPMG also recently joined forces with Blue J with the duo launching a new GenAI-powered product to resolve challenging tax research questions. KPMG, along with the big four accountancy firms in the UK, have exclusive access to the tool, Ask Blue J, for the first three years.