KPMG and PwC lean on GenAI tools to revolutionize tax

image of tax sign in window | KPMG and Blue J

KPMG and Blue J have announced the launch of a new GenAI-powered product to resolve challenging tax research questions. KPMG will have exclusive access to the tool, Ask Blue J, among the big four accountancy firms in the UK for the first three years.

Building on KPMG’s existing alliance, this expansion sees the firm leveraging Blue J’s AI technology to predict tax scenario outcomes with 90 percent accuracy for employees to review.

Ask Blue J aims to accelerate the adoption of GenAI by using OpenAI’s GPT models, specifically fine-tuned for tax, and accessing Blue J’s curated database of current tax content. The new tool will allow the firm to predict tax outcomes and ask questions related to tax, building on the work already done since the beginning of the partnership in 2022.

Stuart Tait, partner and chief technology officer, tax and legal at KPMG UK, said: “Being one of the first adopters of Blue J’s technology in the UK has already yielded great results, so we’re pleased to be building on this with Ask Blue J.

“Generative AI will drive a seismic change in the tax profession, and we’re excited to be able to deepen our Blue J alliance to accelerate our adoption of this technology. Their database of curated tax content will give employees a significant head start on creating other GenAI tax solutions and we’re looking forward to this next phase of our alliance.”

PwC launches tax AI assistant tool with Harvey and OpenAI

Similarly, PwC UK, alongside strategic partners Harvey and OpenAI, recently launched a UK tax-trained AI model. Available to all 2,300 PwC UK tax professionals, the model will act as an AI assistant generating tax content as part of the delivery of services to clients.

As part of PwC’s wider strategy to lead the professional services market in the adoption of AI and technology, this model is built on a foundation of PwC UK’s proprietary tax expertise with the underlying technology developed by Harvey and OpenAI.

Laura Hinton, legal and workforce leader, PwC UK, said: “GenAI is transformative and presents unprecedented possibilities for both our people and our clients. Working with Harvey and OpenAI, we will be able to offer the most sophisticated tax AI-enabled services and model in the market and further differentiate what we do, driving growth for our business, our clients and our people.

“Our approach will always be human-led, tech-powered and AI will complement our expertise, allowing our subject matter experts to deliver deeper, more robust and transparent insights to our clients.”