Manufacturing Toolkit

Prepare your manufacturing business for the future

The manufacturing industry is evolving at rapid pace. From emerging technologies and globalisation to geopolitical events, it seems staying ahead of the curve requires more vigilance than ever before. 

We’ve put together a comprehensive toolkit to help process manufacturers stay up to date with the latest in the industry, and to provide practical advice and guidance on how to find the right solutions to drive their business forward.

The Sage Manufacturing Toolkit includes:

– The State of UK Manufacturing infographic

Get a detailed snapshot of today’s manufacturing industry in the UK, including statistics on exportation, the top 5 priorities for manufacturing growth, trending investments in skills and a much more. 

– ‘Loosen the status quo and move beyond ERP’ eBook

Discover how today’s future-focused manufacturers are leaving behind traditional ERP and adopting more modern enterprise management solutions, to help them combat contemporary challenges, accelerate productivity, simplify their business and make data-driven decisions.

– ‘Powering British Industry’ book

Explore some stories shared by the many manufacturing businesses supported by Sage, including which solutions they’ve been using to successfully power British industry – from chocolatiers and watch-makers to the nation’s most iconic motor company.

– Global Manufacturing research survey hosted by IDC

Get the inside perspectives of 900 manufacturing professionals as they navigate a period of uncertainty thanks to emerging technologies and regulatory pressures. This survey, hosted by IDC, reveals how attitudes in manufacturing are as confident as ever, as businesses look to turn this uncertainty into opportunity.

Download the full toolkit below to gain fresh insights and prepare your manufacturing business for the future.

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