Northern Ireland Assembly Commission selects Unit4 and Embridge

The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission (NIAC) has selected Unit4 to power its digital transformation with Embridge Consulting as its strategic partner.

The NIAC is the devolved legislature for Northern Ireland, responsible for making laws on transferred matters in Northern Ireland and for scrutinising the work of ministers and government departments.

The Commission identified several strategic drivers for this digital transformation programme, including the need to replace ageing legacy systems and reimagine current processes. To support these strategic drivers, the NIAC is collaborating with Embridge Consulting to deploy a comprehensive Unit4 ERP suite including finance, procurement, HR, payroll, recruitment and talent management. 

By standardising on Unit4, the NIAC will realise a number of key benefits including extensibility which allows the platform to expand as the scale of service delivery changes; eliminating repetitive processes and freeing up resources for higher value tasks; and enhancing security and accuracy of data through a resilient and adaptive cloud infrastructure.

Emma O’Brien, CEO at Embridge Consulting, said: “Embridge is immensely proud and excited to partner with the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission on this forward-thinking ERP implementation. This agile, citizen-centric strategy will transform the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission’s operations, putting timely, trusted data at the centre of decision-making. The Embridge team will draw on their multi-decade ERP vision and experience to deliver an innovative solution and help the Commission achieve its future state faster.”