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Cherwell District Council saves a third after go-live with Embridge
Providing services to over 150,000 residents and businesses, Cherwell District Council sought a complete financial system overhaul.
Embridge named a WalkMe reseller partner
Embridge Consulting announced it has entered a strategic partnership with WalkMe, a leading provider of digital adoption platforms (DAP).
Drive Low-Risk, Efficient Digital Evolution
The Fast Track to Low-Risk Government Digital Evolution Wendy Henry, Head of Business Change and Digital Adoption at Embridge Consulting, explains why having people at the heart of your government digital transformation will ensure you reach your digital destination faster....
Putting People First in the Digital Evolution
Why people matter in government digital transformation just as much as technology.
5 vital steps to developing an agile, change ready organization
Wendy Henry, head of business change and digital adoption, Embridge Consulting, reveals how your organization and people can adapt to change in new, smarter ways.
Northern Ireland Assembly Commission selects Unit4 and Embridge
The Northern Ireland Assembly Commission (NIAC) has selected Unit4 to power its digital transformation with Embridge Consulting as its strategic partner. The NIAC is the devolved legislature for Northern Ireland, responsible for making laws on transferred matters in Northern Ireland...
Digital transformation: The shape of things to come
Tesla upending a century of automotive tradition. Uber redefining the taxi market. Airbnb reinventing holiday stays. This is digital transformation in action: modern organisations disrupting existing operating models and markets – not in decades, but in years. The lesson to...
Introduction to Embridge Consulting Organisation Development & Business Change Services
At Embridge Consulting, we are always looking at the bigger picture to enable your organisation to learn and grow from your change initiatives, so you are in a better position each time a change is introduced. It is never too early...
Podcast 1: Balancing People, Process, and Technology.
Getting the balance right between the People, Process and Technology elements as part of any technology implementation may sound simple by ticking the Communication and Training boxes however what is more important is supporting your employees to change their behaviour,...
Podcast 2: Key aspects of how to ensure effective change readiness with communication and training as change enablers.
Wendy Henry, Head of Business Change and Digital Adoption and a Prosci certified consultant talks about change management and readiness in our series of podcasts. This session looks at how, and what should organisations do when using communication to enable better change...