NVIDIA opens up the metaverse for enterprise

NVIDIA metaverse for enterprise

NVIDIA has released updates to its metaverse platform, Omniverse Enterprise.

The new enhancements will allow users to take advantage of streamlined workflows along with real-time RTX ray and path tracing to help teams develop and operate large-scale virtual 3D worlds.

The metaverse platform allows artists, designers, engineers and developers to collaborate remotely with tools such as new Omniverse Connectors, layer-based live workflows, multi-view ports, editable hotkeys, and lighting presets.

Users can now break down data silos through aggregation, build custom 3D pipeline tools and generate synthetic 3D data to create elevated 3D workflows and real-time, physically accurate simulations.

NVIDIA enhancements in Omniverse Enterprise

NVIDIA brings these enhancements to the core components of the platform, including: Omniverse Kit SDK, Omniverse Create, Omniverse View, and Omniverse Nucleus. All are designed for maximum flexibility and scalability, allowing users to quickly connect tools, assets and projects to collaborate in a shared virtual space.

Renowned architectural design firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, is one client using Omniverse to accelerate and automate its workflows and create custom tools on the platform.

Shajay Bhooshan, associate director at Zaha Hadid Architects, said: “We are working with NVIDIA to incorporate Omniverse as the connective infrastructure of our tech stack. Our goal is to retain design intent across the various project stages and improve productivity.”

Additionally, Mercedes Benz, the German premium vehicle manufacturer, is using Omniverse Enterprise at its manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide. By developing full-fidelity digital twins of its production environments, the company’s globally dispersed teams will be able to collaborate in real-time, accelerate decision-making and identify opportunities to reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and continuously enhance quality.