Oracle Alloy selected by TEAM IM to launch TEAM Cloud

Oracle building / Oracle and TEAM IM

TEAM IM has selected Oracle Alloy to launch TEAM Cloud, New Zealand’s first locally owned and operated hyperscale cloud.

TEAM IM is a New Zealand information management services provider that implements and manages mission-critical applications for enterprise commercial and government agencies. With Alloy, TEAM IM will extend more than 100 OCI services to the government sector as well as to its managed service partners and end-user customers.

In this partnership, the New Zealand company aims to capitalize on cloud technology for its business opportunities, scale and performance and innovate at the speed of hyperscale cloud providers.

TEAM Cloud will run independently across two TEAM IM data centers in the North Island and will allow customers to repatriate their systems from overseas or move from on-premises to one of TEAM IM’s data centers.

It’s hoped the solution will address the regulatory requirements not currently met by public cloud for specific industries or markets. To support this need, customer content will remain in the TEAM Cloud regions in New Zealand and maintain digital sovereignty.

TEAM IM will operate the TEAM Cloud, providing the cloud services to customers and also maintaining control of the customer environment from a support and customer operations perspective.

Ian Rogers, chief executive officer, TEAM IM said: “Organizations in New Zealand are increasingly eager to harness the power of the cloud while safeguarding the integrity of their data within their own shores by leveraging a unique hyperscale cloud solution.

“This announcement marks a significant milestone in our journey and transformation from a successful managed services provider to a cloud services provider, fortifying our strategic foothold as a New Zealand-owned and operated information management business.

“With the growing demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), combined with our proven proficiency in delivering mission-critical IT solutions, we stand ready to assist public sector, commercial and iwi organizations in navigating the intricacies of the digital landscape and optimizing their digital transformations.”

Stephen Bovis, regional managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Oracle said: “Providing our partners and customers more choice has long been a primary focus for Oracle. Oracle Alloy allows us to extend that vision and enables our partners to personalize the customer experience for their targeted region or industry, including where the workloads reside and many aspects of how their cloud is operated.

“With its strong local footprint and expertise, TEAM IM is well-positioned to assist both public sector and commercial organizations in harnessing the high performance, flexibility, security and scalability offered by OCI.”