Oracle and Red Bull Racing accelerate partnership

Oracle Red Bull Racing

Oracle and Red Bull Racing, the four-time Formula 1 world champion team, have enhanced their partnership and announced a new team name, Oracle Red Bull Racing, as well as the team’s new car for the upcoming season, the RB18.

Building on the success of last year’s F1 Drivers’ Championship, the team’s 2022 season will feature expanded use of Oracle Cloud across its most significant areas of operation including analytics-based race strategy, optimised engine development, AI and machine learning-powered driver training and a tailored fan experience.

Through use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) during last season’s championship run, the team increased the number of simulations they ran by 1,000 times to improve the accuracy of their predictions and sharpen their decision-making. In addition, they accelerated simulation speed by 10 times, which gave race strategists more time to make the right call. This season, OCI will enable the Oracle Red Bull Racing team to expand the volume and variety of data they analyse and increase the speed at which simulations run in order to better predict tactics that will lead to the podium.

Oracle Red Bull Racing team principal and CEO, Christian Horner, said: “Oracle Cloud enabled us to make race-day decisions that helped Max Verstappen win the 2021 Drivers’ Championship. Discovering and reacting to opportunities quickly is crucial to our success on and off the track, and Oracle is integral in that effort. Every element of our performance is driven by data analysis. Having Oracle as our title partner shows the confidence we have in their expertise and their ability to deliver a true competitive advantage.”

Ariel Kelman, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Oracle, added: “Red Bull Racing has been more committed than any other F1 team in its use of technology to gain an edge, and it is paying off. Our commitment to this partnership reflects our belief that OCI is a strategic weapon on race day, helps create the most exciting fan experience in sports, and can define the future of F1. Oracle Red Bull Racing is, and will continue to be, the most forward-thinking and innovative F1 team in the world.”

Oracle is also working with Red Bull Powertrains to develop the next generation of F1 engines set to debut in 2026, as Red Bull Racing becomes one of only four current manufacturers supplying engines for F1. Red Bull Powertrains will use OCI to optimise modelling of its new engine combustion chamber to reduce costs while improving results.

In addition, Red Bull Advanced Technologies and Oracle are partnering to help develop the next generation of world-class drivers. Through projects applying AI and machine learning, Red Bull’s junior drivers will better understand how data can inform and fine tune their lap times.