Oracle launches employee experience platform to meet evolving workforce needs

Oracle has launched Oracle ME, a comprehensive platform within Oracle Cloud HCM, which gives HR and business leaders a tool to support employee success and to streamline communications across the organization.

The platform will allow employees to complete complex tasks and aims to improve talent retention by developing a much more supportive environment at work.

Oracle developed Oracle ME after learning that people’s work expectations have evolved; according to the most recent Oracle AI@WORK study, 85 percent of the global workforce are not satisfied with their employer’s support for their careers, while 87 percent believe their organization should be doing more to listen to the needs of its workforce.

Oracle ME aims to deliver a better work environment by providing guided experiences that will strengthen workplace relationships, allowing employees to provide continuous feedback with their managers. It will also allow managers to track and act on real-time employee sentiment, helping HR teams deliver personalized communications across the organization.

The open platform extends across the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite with the ability to connect with third-party systems across multiple channels. It will include Oracle Touchpoints, Oracle HCM Communicate, Oracle Journeys, Oracle Connections, Oracle HR Help Desk and Oracle Digital Assistant.

Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of global product strategy for Oracle Cloud HCM, said: “Oracle ME is all about converging workers’ information, critical insights, workflows and preferences with a technology-enabled solution to give each individual something they can call ‘my experience’. It’s the only complete employee experience platform focused on understanding the ‘me’ behind every worker, providing organizations with new ways to listen to, communicate with, support, and develop their hybrid workforce.”

Tim Sackett, president of, said: “It’s exciting to see platforms like Oracle ME enter the market and help businesses navigate some of the most important workforce challenges to date. You can’t solve problems you don’t know about, so it’s important for organizations to ask their employees how they’re feeling.