Oracle launches EU Sovereign Cloud to jump data privacy hurdles

EU Flag to symbolize Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud opening

Oracle has announced the opening of its new EU Sovereign Cloud, aimed at helping private and public sector organizations across the European Union (EU) gain more control over data privacy and sovereignty requirements.

Located entirely within the EU, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud is supported by EU-based personnel and operated by separate legal entities incorporated within the EU.

As part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s distributed cloud strategy, the solution offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services and capabilities at the same service level agreements, prices and support as Oracle’s commercial public cloud regions.

Available for customers in all 27 member states of the EU and globally, EU Sovereign Cloud offers more than 100 cloud services available in Oracle’s public cloud with no premium fees for the sovereignty capabilities. This includes the same service level agreements on performance, management and availability.

It intends to help digital transformation efforts across critical industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, telecommunications and the public sector and provides a new option to help meet regulatory requirements, while complementing hybrid and dedicated cloud strategies.

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud is suited to host digital businesses operating in heavily regulated industries. EU customers with data and applications that are sensitive, regulated, of strategic regional importance or have workloads that fall under EU guidelines and requirements for sovereignty and data privacy such as GDPR, can now move to the cloud. Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud will additionally help organizations in regulated industries and governments embrace generative AI.

Richard Smith, executive vice president of technology, EMEA, Oracle, said: “The European Union technology landscape has changed dramatically due to the growing importance of data protection and localization, leading to increased demand for sovereign cloud solutions that can securely host sensitive customer data and comply with regulations such as GDPR.

“Our goal is to meet customers wherever they are in their cloud journey and with Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, customers in highly regulated industries, as well as those subject to certain country-specific legislation, can now accelerate their cloud strategies.”

Jarkko Levasma, government CIO, director general, Ministry of Finance of Finland, said: “Having cloud services with data centers that are located in the EU and operated, updated and supported by EU residents, while maintaining isolation from non-EU cloud regions, is an important part of our cloud adoption. This will open up possibilities to adopt infrastructure, platform and software as a service in Finland for the government.”