Oracle Japan reveals plans to invest $8bn in cloud computing and AI

image of Temple, Fujisan and Sun | Oracle Japan

Oracle Japan has announced its plans to invest over $8bn over the next ten years to meet the growing demand for cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Japan.

This investment will expand Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)’s business in Japan as well as help customers and partners meet digital sovereignty requirements. The company also plans to significantly expand its operations and support engineering teams with personnel based in Japan.

With plans to strengthen its domestic customer support teams for public cloud regions in Tokyo and Osaka, Oracle is gearing up to boost its domestic operations teams for Oracle Alloy and OCI Dedicated Regions. This will enable governments and enterprises in Japan to move mission-critical workloads to Oracle Cloud and continue to adopt sovereign AI solutions.

Tomomitsu Misawa, director, executive officer and president of Oracle Japan Corporation, said: “We are committed to delivering cloud for our customers and partners in Japan. We are expanding our cloud operations in Japan and strengthening our team to support domestic sovereign requirements. We provide opportunities for our partners to innovate by leveraging AI and cloud services while meeting regulatory and sovereignty requirements.”

Oracle and Reka collaborate for AI innovation

Additionally, Reka, an AI research and product company, has chosen OCI to support its mission to advance science and build GenAI models for the benefit of humanity and enterprises. Working in collaboration with Oracle, Reka will also make its multimodal models, supporting over 20 languages and trained on OCI AI Infrastructure powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

Founded by a team of scientists and engineers from DeepMind, Google Brain and FAIR, Reka has curated multimodal AI models that enable organizations to deploy GenAI applications using inputs from multilingual text, code, images and videos. These applications can generate concepts for creative tasks, find answers to a range of queries and derive insights from large datasets.

In addition to this, Reka’s models enable the development of AI agents to enhance and enable a wide range of new business use cases through analysis and direct action. With Oracle, Reka plans to continue to expand its global reach and advance its focus on enterprise-grade AI products and solutions.

Greg Pavlik, senior vice president, AI and data management services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said: “Reka is pushing performance boundaries by training its multimodal foundation models on OCI Supercluster.

“We are looking forward to working with the Reka team to deliver its multimodal models, with capabilities that stretch beyond text, to Oracle customers around the world.”