Pandora and SAP to add a new sparkle to retail

Pandora and SAP to add a new sparkle to retail

Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry brand, has partnered with Accenture to implement a S/4HANA digital transformation using RISE With SAP.

The project will focus on creating a lean digital core to support an ambitious global growth plan. This includes managing operational data, increasing transparency, enhancing inventory visibility and improving productivity across the entire organization.

Pandora is aiming to deliver a seamless and personalized omnichannel experience for customers across 100 markets. The adoption of SAP S/4HANA for retail, SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) will allow Pandora to refresh its customer-first mindset.

With complete implementation earmarked for 2026, the project will enable Pandora to offer improved transactions and interactions both online and in stores. Customers will be able to see the inventory of available products in real time and avoid product availability errors caused by unsynchronised data sets.

The transformation results will feed into recent improvement initiatives launched by Pandora such as click and collect, and shop online and pick up in store to help to deliver an improved omnichannel shopping experience.

The new strategy is built around four growth pillars: brand, design, personalization and core markets, all centered around the overall objective for Pandora to be the largest and most desirable brand in the affordable jewelry market. Their growth ambitions are in turn enabled by a holistic digitalization strategy spanning across Pandora operations.

“After a turnaround period where we needed to reconnect with our core customers and focus on core Pandora DNA and products such as the Moments bracelet and charms, we are now at a scaling stage” said David Walmsley, chief digital and technology officer at Pandora. “The main focus of the ERP transformation will be finance, anything to do with inventory and the end-to-end business processes reflecting the customer experience.”

“Some talk about ‘taking away the pain of shopping’, but at Pandora we want to celebrate shopping and make it a personal experience where we, due to SAP technology and our other digital tools, understand you, surprise you and delight you,” Walmsley continued. “We are in the business of selling memories, so for Pandora combining store and technology is where the magic happens. If we do this right, we are not only creating convenience for our customers, we are creating brand ambassadors.”