PwC Smart Greenfield method overcomes S/4HANA obstacles with Int4 Suite

PwC Int4

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has recognized Int4 as an integral part of the success of the PwC Smart Greenfield strategy to provide a hybrid approach to S/4HANA implementations.

With the increasing number of businesses undergoing SAP S/4HANA migrations, PwC has developed PwC Smart Greenfield to navigate common obstacles found during large transformations.

The two most common implementation approaches are Greenfield and Brownfield, however, often times standard Greenfield and Brownfield approaches do not fully meet market requirements.

Clients are left wanting more flexibility other than these two options and many express interest in ‘hybrid’ alternatives to combine technology upgrades with selective renovation. The challenge is to find a hybrid option with the best ROI and balance in terms of cost and disruption.

With PwC, the Smart Greenfield strategy powered in many instances by Int4 Suite steps in as a hybrid approach designed to help clients achieve their desired ROI and a balance in terms of cost and disruption.

The Smart Greenfield approach includes two migration strategies, Mix & Match and Shell Conversion, both supported by proven frameworks and platforms. PwC has acknowledged Int4 and the Int4 Suite as one of these integral and successful platforms that help run its Smart Greenfield approach.

Int4 aims to free customers from repetitive tasks so that they can focus on their creative ventures. With that as its mantra, the company provides solutions to automate the testing of SAP business integration scenarios and notably its Int4 Suite solution is used by many Fortune 500 companies to secure their complex supply chains.

The biggest challenge with big and complex SAP S/4HANA transformations such as these is that they are often faced with a massive and complex data landscape, which is not easily manageable.

The data landscape is not just the size of the data, but also the number of applications, databases and middleware components that need to be integrated.

With Int4 Suite, developers can quickly run test scenarios during the development and integration phases of the project and also run regression testing on any non-productive environment.

Integration landscape simulation with Int4 Suite isolates new SAP S/4HANA from
external dependencies, such as 3rd party test systems and B2B/EDI partners, by using Int4 Suite to simulate these dependencies. This approach removes many of the interdependency
constraints encountered during integration testing phases, accelerating the testing process.

With PwC, Int4 automated execution of thousands of integration test cases is a matter of minutes, not days.

In contrast to other hybrid approaches, Smart Greenfield with Int4 incorporates the best elements of SNP to transform PwC’s proven framework for managing and de-risking large and complex technology change programs.

Michał Krawczyk, co-founder and co-CEO, Int4, said: “One of the most significant challenges in transitioning to SAP S/4HANA involves coordinating tests with potentially hundreds of internal legacy applications and EDI partners. PwC’s Smart Greenfield methodology offers a clear vision for overcoming this obstacle by isolating SAP S/4HANA programs using the Int4 Suite. Adding Int4 Suite to the recommended tool-stack signifies PwC’s recognition of its effectiveness in streamlining this complex integration process.”