Encryption solutions are protecting fragile data in age of cloud

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In the age of high-tech innovations and solutions aiding businesses and upgrading clients’ systems, securing sensitive data should be at the top of any SAP users’ priorities.

An issue SAP users’ face with their cloud journeys is during the fragile process of hauling their data from database to database. The cloud, being a third party, can be problematic for users and enterprises due to potential external and even internal access to sensitive data.

With SAP digital transformations constantly taking place across the globe, customers are now opting for hybrid multi-cloud strategies that limits their exposure to hyperscaler lock-ins, enhances data portability and helps users ultimately take advantage of what each platform does best. In many instances, multi-cloud strategies even allow sensitive data to remain on-premises in their own controlled data center.

Thales for example, a global leader in cloud and data protection, has created solutions to protect SAP users’ data and also offer the tools that larger enterprises may need to address the control and security obligations required to remain compliant in the cloud.

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption is an agent-based solution that secures data at rest in the file-system layer. Customers that implement SAP HANA or SAP ASE in either on-premises or IaaS settings, can secure specific files or directories containing sensitive data.

Customers define which directories or files are subject to encryption. As the database reads or writes to the relevant directory, the CTE agent encrypts or decrypts the data according to the defined policies without requiring changes to the application or database architecture. Organizations can define access policies according to role, or process to separate duties among administrators and mitigate risks posed by privileged users such as system administrators.

CTE works in tandem with the CipherTrust Manager enterprise key management appliance to offer customers the ability to centrally store and manage their encryption keys in a separate appliance. With tools like this and companies such as Thales, SAP users can rest easier that their data is safe and secure during cloud transitions.