Quantexa £200m+ AI investment to support UK Gov ambitions

a person writing code on a laptop at a desk

Quantexa, a London-based decision intelligence solutions provider for the public and private sectors, has announced that it will invest an additional £125m in the global artificial intelligence (AI) industry, reaching more than £200m over the next three years.

The firm’s vision for investment supports the UK Government’s plan to make the country an AI hub, with affirmation from UK prime minister Rishi Sunak, who said: “We want to ensure the UK remains the best place in the world to build, test, and use safe AI technology. Quantexa’s new £85m London AI Innovation Center will help cement this reality. It will create over 170 jobs, harness the extraordinary potential of AI as we grow our economy and lead the way on responsible AI development around the world.”

Analysis from the University of Washington also suggests this investment will boost the global AI industry by £600m as the multiplier effect is realized.

The investment builds on Quantexa’s continued advancements in AI with the preview of its generative AI technology, Q Assist. The British firm also expanded its commitment to advancing the company’s existing AI stack to enable its growing global ecosystem of clients and partners to unlock new industry-specific use cases for financial services, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and the public sector.

Within the 2027 timeframe, Quantexa aims for its global investment to help clients advance the use of AI to protect, optimize and grow their organizations and accelerate enterprise and government agencies’ ability to use trusted AI-enabled decision intelligence solutions. The firm aims to responsibly build out its AI stack using three core principles of context-based learning, composite AI and explainability and trust.

Vishal Marria, CEO and founder of Quantexa, said: “While many companies are talking about AI and machine learning, we have been investing in it since our inception. We are investing our time, money and resources into the biggest technological breakthrough for generations as it will transform how organizations make decisions.

“We’re proud to invest in London-based innovation, but the impact will be felt by the global economy and will start a ripple effect that will unlock decision intelligence capabilities for our clients and their respective industries.”

Dr. Oren Etzioni, professor at the University of Washington’s computer science and founding CEO of the Allen Institute for AI, said: “An investment of 100 AI jobs will drive economic growth not just in London, but around the world. The places most likely to benefit are AI innovation hubs like New York City, Seattle and San Francisco.

“Based on my research into the impact of AI on employment and economic growth, the long-term monetary benefits of this announcement will increase significantly because of the multiplier effect from job creation and innovation. An initial investment of £200m is likely to benefit the wider AI industry by £600m globally within three years.”

In a video showcase alongside the announcements, Quantexa demonstrated one of what could become many potential use cases for Q Assist with a financial crime investigation scenario chosen to show the potential of using natural language to query vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at scale, allowing even junior analysts to understand the complex data behind graph analytics and alerts.

The preview also showed the ability to automate the generation of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and investigative summaries, possible in nearly 100 languages, which can drive further efficiency in what is typically a manually intensive process and allow more time to be redirected to strategic activities.