Quick start guide to workforce transformation: helping you respond

June 29, 2020

Dina Apostolou

Sr. Director, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Marketing

Dynamics 365

COVID-19 has upended every level of “business as usual.” Companies are scrambling to meet changing customer needs while figuring out their own remote workflows. In this current climate, there’s demand for new solutions that are innovative, agile, and empathetic to business’ and customer’s unique situations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was built on a commitment to provide organizations the support they need to be successful in both good times and challenging times. As part of our weekly articles, tips, and tools in the Stay Connected series, we’re introducing the “Quick-Start Guide to Building Resiliency with Customers.” This easily accessible guide offers workplace scenario questionnaires to help you assess the obstacles your company faces and then start to optimize your path forward.

Of course, every business is different, so we’ve made our tips as flexible and adaptable as the times demand. The guide is organized by specific business goals—be it creating a remote sales organization, protecting your revenue and reputation, or responding to customers quickly during the crisis—so you can quickly determine the information most relevant to your goals.

From there, the guide walks you through some quick questions and complementary activities that pinpoint issues, such as why customer satisfaction is deteriorating or why employee morale is low. These questionnaire pages also have additional resources, including examples of companies that have implemented innovative strategies during the pandemic, potential next steps towards mitigating your issues, and tips on how AI-driven insights from Dynamics 365 can optimize your crisis management.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue this blog series with articles that delve more deeply into various resiliency issues and solutions outlined in the quick start guide.

In this environment, maintaining customer and employee trust is key. By using our resources to understand your company’s situation and create plans of action for the future, you can strengthen the resiliency of your customers and employees, and provide your company with the tools it needs to weather this unprecedented storm.

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Throughout the summer, we’re sharing practical tips, helpful content and tools, and the latest findings to help you manage through crisis, prepare to restart your business, and establish new ways to adapt and thrive moving forward. Stay tuned to the blog for weekly installments in our blog series and explore more solutions from Microsoft to help you open for business. Also explore these related resources:

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