Research reveals hyperautomation focus for EMEA businesses

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New research by Jitterbit reveals businesses are firmly in the era of hyperautomation, with 64 percent of senior systems integrators in EMEA saying it’s a business priority for their customers in 2022.

The research: ‘SaaS partnerships in the age of hyperautomation’ – surveyed EMEA senior systems integrator professionals and found that 76 percent of respondents believe their customers value automation over integration.

Despite the role integration platforms-as-a-service have to play in helping system integrators deliver automation at scale, 42 percent of senior EMEA systems integrators rated self-serve iPaaS as a disruptor to their business.

52 percent of senior EMEA systems integrators rated customer adoption of cloud solutions as a significant disruption to their customer relationships in the survey, with over half viewing the arrival of online integration solution marketplaces as disruptive also.

According to the research, more than half of senior EMEA systems integrators are embracing hyperautomation to enable them to be more efficient with both time and money.

The survey also showed that hyperautomation presents a future proof opportunity for system integrators. 63 percent of senior EMEA systems integrators see partnerships with iPaaS companies as their route forward, and 78 percent believe they have a vital role in enabling their customers to become hyperautomated businesses.

Joost De Bot, Jitterbit’s vice president and general manager, EMEA, said: “There can be no automation without integration – and there can be no hyperautomation without integration as a service. Our survey into system integrators reveals that to thrive in the midst of so much disruption, it’s necessary for them to re-position as enablers of greater process automation while delivering integration at scale to their customers by working with trusted integration platform partners.”