NTT & Red Hat ‘edge up’ AI analytics with IOWN 
Chips are great. Whether we’re talking about the fried potato variety or the silicon wafer kind in either Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) variants. But processing always has a shelf-life and we all know the wider...
Vertex Tax technologists
The evolution of the tax technologist
The transition to global economy via digital age reshapes business operations. Centralized systems and tax technologists are also pivotal in tax management evolution for efficient compliance.
What is UAT and how can you do it better?
What is UAT and how can you do it better?
User Acceptance Testing (UAT) verifies if software meets user needs before launch, which is crucial for smooth operations. Howver, some of its challenges include managing updates and processes effectively.
abstract technololgy image / The secret to reducing outsourced software testing
The secret to reducing outsourced software testing
In-house tools such as Original Software offers faster, cheaper and better software testing solutions, surpassing outsourcing in efficiency, cost-effectiveness and effectiveness.
an aerial view of Singapore
Singapore ups its AI strategy with Google Cloud collaboration
Singapore is acting on its ambitions to be at the forefront of global innovation as one of the first countries to introduce an AI Strategy.
A screen showing 2 graphs and sets of important looking statistics | Data Nextworld
How using AI can break big data down to byte-size chunks
AI can do wonders in consolidating, translating and extrapolating the potential hidden deep within your data, with the potential to unlock your business’ potential, predictively and protectively. 
Image of an orange neon AI sign on a dark wall | AI risk
Eliminate generative AI risk by uncovering the data nuances
How can businesses harness the full potential of LLMs, while minimizing risks of pushing sensitive data into publicly hosted models? Snowflake's James Petter talks security, privacy, and governance.
person wearing a suit touching a graphic of scales of justice
How can the legal industry get to grips with the AI skills gap?
AI has the capacity to automate labor-intensive aspects of many jobs, impacting our day-to-day. Law is an industry that has much to gain.
A black and white image of a laptop circuitboard |
Will ERP delivery get better for customers? Because it hasn’t yet
Today, a new ERP customer is promised an almost infinite set of opportunities with modern technology and easy deployment. But are they able to harvest these winnings and are they better off than before? 
CloudBolt drives ‘cloud ROI’ with augmented FinOps
CloudBolt styles itself as the cloud ROI company – a statement that it brands with an appropriately bold trademark™. The company pledges to be ‘singularly focused’ on solving the most pressing problem with cloud today i.e. increasing return on investment...
Someone's hand tapping away at a laptop screen with a stylus, on top of a reflective, glass table |
Predicting the future of ERP testing
With AI threatening to stick a thumb in every pie it comes across, what kind of effects will it have on testing as a whole? Original Software’s Carl Andrews shares his thoughts on the pipeline for the foreseeable future.
SAP observability widened by Dynatrace & SoftwareOne collaboration
What’s better than one enterprise sofwarehaus? Two of course. This month sees Swiss SoftwareOne Holdings AG open new observability views into SAP environments by working with Dynatrace. The collaboration is hoped to allow companies to use  AI to optimize SAP...
Dynatrace acquires Runecast, a new vector in cloud-native context-rich security
  Bidding to validate its claim as the leader in unified observability and security, Dynatrace started its annual user, practitioner & partner convention this year with a ‘day zero’ style announcement that preceded the main Dynatrace Perform event itself. Before...
Test tubes currently being injected with a pink pipette | healthcare Infor
Help lead the revolution by integrating your healthcare data
As healthcare continues to evolve, data will remain the pillar for success, enabling organizations to achieve the delicate balance between cost control and enhanced patient experiences.
two hands holding soil and a plant planted in it
IFS and Farrow & Ball talk sustainability: it needs all the backing it can get
In a recent IFS sustainability roundtable, it became clear that pursuing sustainability goals takes much more than just good intentions.
work office
Building a resilient workplace: Enterprise of the future
The definition of work is continually changing due to technology, skill-based approaches, and the shift to hybrid models for a future-ready workplace.
Landscape view of a factory with a lot of complex pipes and machinery throughout | smart factory Infor
Smart factory success rests in the Cloud (ERP)
Smart factories represent the next frontier in operational performance, combining human ingenuity, advanced technologies and data-driven insights. With data at the core, smart factories empower manufacturers to navigate the digital landscape and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.
A blurry picture of a computer screen full of code, with glasses sitting on the desk in front of the screen, the image through the glasses is in focus | artificial intelligence Nextworld
Do more with more: are you taking full advantage of artificial intelligence capabilities?
How can AI make us capable of more? Instead of contemplating how artificial intelligence can do more with less, we're finding ways to enable companies everywhere to do more with more.
computer circuit
Three challenges CIOs currently face – and how to fix them
The challenges that CIOs currently face would have been impossible 20 years ago, but choosing the right technologies of today will help ease the job.
A top down view of a lorry distribution centre | composable ERP solutions Infor
Composable ERP solutions: providing distributors with future-proofing, flexibility and agility
With business leaders now at the forefront of digital evolution, composable ERP solutions have taken priority. Thanks to modern cloud-based ERP solutions, it's easier than ever to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of technology.
Some e-Gov projects that actually deliver public value
Here's how e-gov can actually deliver efficient, transparent and accessible public services for citizens, businesses and governments.
Healthcare | NHS privacy
Has NHS privacy faux pas set transformation and skills alarm bells ringing?
Modernising NHS health systems and data sharing across integrated care systems will prove a trust and data literacy challenge.
NHS ribbon | digitally transforming NHS data
United Kingdom of data: how we can get NHS digital transformation right
effectively digitally transforming the NHS includes creating a pool of data from all sources, building the planning models, and mining for insights to inform future operations.
A swirling green spiral on a black background, with a white X superimposed over the centre of the spiral | Data sovereignty Nutanix
Why the data sovereignty push will require complexity and cost controls
Data sovereignty has gone viral. Businesses recognize the need to address it, with 41 percent of them claiming data compliance and security as a top barrier to achieving expected cloud value. Here's what you need to know.
Open blue skies with a giant cloud creeping in from the right hand side | Cloud software Infor
Cloud software: the key to unlocking a digital-first world for your enterprise
Legacy systems have become tangled webs with decades-old processes, preventing enterprises from achieving efficiency in their digital operations. Cloud software can help your business grow to unparalleled heights by innovating processes for peak efficiency.
IFS aerospace & defence
Is IFS a good choice for Aerospace & Defence companies?
In the highly regulated and complex industries of aerospace & defence, choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is paramount. The unique needs, strict compliance requirements, and intricate operations of these sectors demand specialized ERP solutions. One contender in...
Close up of a screen of coding with a developer in the the forefront of the picture but isn't in focus | citizen development Nextworld
The untapped potential of citizen development
What if there was a way to meet your company’s IT demands without having to hire expensive developers or ask your current team to work after-hours? The solution is already working for you, investigate citizen development.
Close up of a spreadsheet full of codes and numbers | spreadsheet Infor
Retiring spreadsheets: the business case you’ve been waiting for
The spreadsheet… Perhaps the most prolific office tool since the dawn of electronic admin. As the future marches ever on, is it time to upgrade, kick spreadsheets to the wind and look for better tech?  
Best ERP retail
What is the best ERP for retail?
In the fast-paced world of retail, staying ahead means not only offering sought-after products but also ensuring seamless operations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have emerged as a cornerstone in achieving this balance, helping retailers manage inventory, sales, customer data,...
A red heart painted across a large number of outstretched hands | nonprofit Unit4
The takeaway from NetHope Global Summit: ERPs must evolve to accommodate nonprofits
Large organizations have built up diverse application environments and an ERP system could become a force multiplier to create a more dynamic and responsive IT environment in the nonprofit sector.