Dialling into communications mining
We now live in an age of autonomous intelligence where automation is no discretionary line item. Shouldn’t we be able to use it to communicate better, faster and with less white noise? The solution is communications mining.
Robot resilience: Testing our way to sweeter scalability
Automation directly translates to business innovation, growth and scale. The very rationale and raison d’etre behind automation is the need to capture, coalesce and commoditise workplace tasks and processes in order to operate more efficiently and to innovate with greater...
Qualys tightens security for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud computing has evolved. Where we once discussed cloud migration, we are now increasingly talking about cloud-native development across hybrid (sometimes poly) cloud instances that are drawn from a stock of pure cloud-first DNA. This of course throws up the...
Struggling with data silos? Know more about unified data model
Making the most of data and insights tools requires you to take a long, hard look at your data culture and break the silos and efficiencies in your data stack.
Industry Clouds: A smart choice for fast companies
As customers evaluate their best approach to modernize their existing ERP systems it is therefore no surprise they ask: are industry clouds delivering on their promises?
Atos story more about digital pivot than recession gloom
Recession is here again, meaning deals proliferate as companies sell off underperforming operations and divest anything other than their core business. Against this climate signals French IT giant Atos, with news in October that it plans to split into two publicly...
Encrypted Enterprise? Amazon’s private messaging service turns business-only for 2023
It’s been a disastrous year for Amazon consumer encryption services. Wickr Me is being axed as the tech giant redirects its focus on encrypted messaging for enterprise.
Odaseva CISO: Stepping up SaaS security 
This is a contributed commentary piece for ERP Today written by Arnaud Treps, CISO at Odaseva, a company known for its enterprise data platform services for Salesforce, offering tools to keep Salesforce data protected. Treps writes as follows… The ever-increasing...
Are you ready to weather the economic storm with agile working capital management?
With soaring inflation and interest rate rises, SAP's Thomas Mehlkopf says its time to revisit liquidity forecasting and working capital management.