close up of a machinery manufacturing a product at a factory | More4apps Oracle data accuracy solutions
Real-time manufacturing insights: How to ensure Oracle data accuracy and reliability with Excel
In manufacturing, seamless and streamlined flow in the assembly line can be vital for a business’s success. Here's how you can ensure it while also achieving data accuracy and reliability goals.
image of person welding/grinding with sparks flying toward the camera | Manufacturing solution
The secret to the ideal manufacturing solution? Pick one who is more than just a service provider
Manufacturing solutions are a dime-a-dozen, so how can anyone determine the right one for a business? Dusty Alexander, CEO and president, Global Shop Solutions, informed ERP Today of the elements that firms need to pay attention to when looking for the ideal manufacturing solution.
a group of people sitting around a wooden desk in a collaborative meeting, photo taken behind a glass wall | HR Tech Con and Expo 2024
HR Tech Con and Expo Europe 24: AI, people analytics and an improved user experience
Last month’s HR Technology Conference and Exposition 2024 was where HR experts and professionals showcased the latest innovations in HCM technology and discussed how the landscape of HR systems would change in the coming year.
“Data quality makes or breaks”: Qlik CEO pushes for better data at Connect 2024
Qlik Connect 2024 sees new cloud, AI and analytics solutions, AWS and Snowflake partnerships and UNFCCC, Van Oord user wins.
photo of three men on stage at Infor Velocity Tour
Munchies and motorcycles: A fireside chat at Infor Velocity World Tour
Intersnack and Triumph Motorcycles talk sweetening their ERP systems to drive innovation at the Infor Velocity World Tour fireside chat.
Tricentis dials call to highlight poor mobile app quality
Continuous testing and quality engineering platform company Tricentis made much of its appearance at SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024 this month in Orlando. The SAP partner showcased the wider expansion of its Tricentis developer assistant technology with its recently launched Tricentis...
A wide-angle lens view of a warehouse with orange shelves, stacked with materials | supply chain Accelalpha
What makes a robust supply chain solution?
To investigate the factors behind what makes a robust supply chain solution, and what to expect in the future for supply chains, ERP Today spoke with Oracle Cloud consultancy Accelalpha and its senior solutions director, Chi Park. Despite it being...
a group of people using computers and smiling | How business leaders can tackle the cloud skills gap head-on
How business leaders can tackle the cloud skills gap head-on
The technologies behind cloud computing are evolving incredibly rapidly, but workers are not being trained quickly enough to keep up.
black and white graphic of a person holding a phone next to images of a padlock, wifi sign and web globe | The train outta cyber trouble in the smart city
The train outta cyber trouble in the smart city
When we rely on a growing network of interconnected systems to help our urban societies function, how can we keep them cyber secure?
a blurred image of a target with a darts sticking out in the middle | Shaping customer trust through the powerful pairing of inventory control
Shaping customer trust through the powerful pairing of inventory control
Customer expectations are a moving target that companies must continuously track and anticipate as speed of product delivery is on a pedestal
Close up of a circuitboard with orange lights on the left and blue lights on the right |
Are LLMs the future of ERP technology?
Large language models can process a vast array of data in context, essentially laying the foundations for automation solutions. EY, empowered by a LLM, launched its AI platform,, in September 2023 and shared with us the benefits of the new, collaborative efforts.
a street sign pointing left and right | Stick or twist? As SAP lays its cards on the table, the time is coming for customers to decide
Stick or twist? As SAP lays its cards on the table, the time is coming for customers to decide
SAP’s cloud shift via RISE with SAP creates division: customers must choose between costly cloud migration or seeking alternatives.
a red traffic sign with a figure of a person inside it and the word trust written | Can AI regulations help build trust in the technology?
Can AI regulations help build trust in the technology?
As AI continues to proliferate, the need to balance its use and potential harm is becoming a priority for policymakers and regulators.
a photo of a code lock | data security concept
Data security in the cloud: Why it’s important and where to start
Data is the lifeblood of any organization and in a digital landscape with dispersed teams working from anywhere, protecting data wherever it resides must be a top priority for enterprises of all sizes. But while there has never been more...
Nutanix simplifies management & Ops of Kubernetes clusters 
Hybrid multi-cloud computing company Nutanix used its .NEXT conference in Barcelona this week to announce Nutanix Kubernetes Platform (NKP). The technology here is designed to simplify the management of container-based so-called ‘modern’ applications using Kubernetes.  NKP promises to provide users...
a warehouse with boxes and a forklift | Time of change: How British logistics companies can embrace AI and sustainability
Time of change: How British logistics companies can embrace AI and sustainability
Supply chain workers are engaging with tech to improve delivery tracking but are yet to unlock the potential of data analytics, ML and AI.
Construction site Enerfab SAP RISE Smarter Projects AI
The Potential of Smarter Projects with Enerfab’s Rajesh Kapoor
Enerfab's Rajesh Kapoor speaks with ERP Today to shed light on how his company is leveraging SAP and Microsoft tech for smarter projects.
How AI in ERP will drive smarter cloud cost control
With the rapid developments currently being seen in generative Artificial Intelligence (gen-AI), existing ERP systems can be enhanced and augmented in new ways to extend, enhance and augment their core functionalities. But as important as front-line functionality always is, we...
a computer on a desk in a messy and cluttered environment | The definition of madness. Still driving ERP business change without due care and attention
Why driving ERP business change without due care is madness
Taplin details how more than two decades after his team compiled an "Enterprise Code”, not much has changed in the ERP business change space.
a woman helping an older woman in a wheelchair toward the sun in a field | social worker relief initiatives by Barnsley Council
How local government can use AI for more “breathing space”
The lives of UK councils are not getting any easier. ERP Today sits down with Barnsley Council executive to discuss how technology can help.
A city at night with a timelapse of red streaks of light indicating speed | extraction Rossera
How a data extraction solution can accelerate an implementation
Data extraction is a necessary and frequently underestimated process for all business tranformations. A centralized extraction solution could lessen the burden on ERP systems while also providing the breathing room needed to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.
A connection of red cables neatly plugged into a cable router | hub Celonis
How a centralized hub can help you quantify the value of a business transformation
Centralizing disconnected, disprate systems together under one, easy-to-read hub can help you uncover hidden business value that you may not have taken advantage of yet.
A long exposure shot from the front of a train showing a blurred, white and futuristic tunnel | migration More4apps
Have you prepared your data for migration to the cloud?
Data needs to be cleansed before uploading it to Oracle Cloud. By leveraging the solutions created by service providers, businesses can transition smoothly without having to worry about legacy data-draining resources.
Chocks away, Southwest Airlines elevates with mission-critical automation with Red Hat
Known to domestic and business travellers across the US in most states, Southwest Airlines is an ‘affordable’ low-cost airline company with connections in over 120 airports across 11 countries. Because technology clearly plays an important role in any airline’s operational...
Image of a couple on top of a snowy mountain, looking out at the landscape | SAP and IBM
A long marriage made in innovation: What’s next for IBM and SAP?
IBM’s global head of SAP, Mike Perera, shares the wins and next step wonderings of an over 50-year-strong partnership, with cloud migration and emerging GenAI and Quantum technologies high on the roster.
a man looking thorough binoculars | Leadership and AI share the spotlight in the future of work
Leadership and AI share the spotlight in the future of work
What do AI and leadership have in common? As technology continues to evolve, the two will go hand in hand to determine organizations' success
the word "AI?" written on a whiteboard | generative AI
Here’s how Oracle users can unlock greater value with generative AI
Organizations can better harness the power of ecosystem innovation in their Oracle ERP transformation journeys, Anindya (Andy) Chaudhuri, senior partner at IBM Consulting UKI, shares.
AWS Summit London keynote stage
AWS London Summit heralds user opportunity during times of crisis
London is calling for the AWS Summit: Here’s what you need to know from this year’s conference, from Bedrock updates to the latest user wins.
Catchpoint: Site Reliability Engineering comes of age
Users plug in. Every working day of our lives (and indeed on many leisure days in this post-pandemic work-from-home reality), users plug in to the Internet and draw down its data-rich content and services to run teams, departments, businesses or...
telecommunications tower with a dark sky background | Snowflake's CTO Fawad Qureshi talks telecommunications
Snowflake’s CTO Fawad Qureshi talks telecommunications
Fawad Qureshi of Snowflake explores telecom modernization, GenAI, partnerships and sustainability, envisioning connectivity and societal impact for a more equitable world.