“All’s well that ends well”: Tech insiders see hope beyond SVB UK rescue
It’s been a tough, sweat-inducing week in tech with the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, but the mood is now perhaps looking up for firms in the UK and beyond.
Sustainable Supply Chain
Five actions for a sustainable supply chain
Climate change, circular economy, ESG and sustainability have become business priorities and our global supply chains sit right in the middle of these challenges—as a major contributor to the problems, and a great area of focus to take action.
ChatGPT API connector 
Glattes Geschäft, Software AG launches ChatGPT API connector 
Generative forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are, obviously, of the time and of the moment. The essential G in GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer), we use the term generative in this sense to describe the behavior of the statistical model that...
80:20 Rule
Modernize Your ERP: Harnessing the Power of the 80:20 Rule
A rule of thumb often used in ERP programs is that approximately 80 percent of business capabilities and processes are non-differentiating
Deloitte Consulting LLC Tech trends 2023 report
Deloitte’s chief futurist on the tech trends defining 2023
Following this year's Deloitte Tech Trends report, ERP Today speaks to Deloitte’s Chief futurist, Mike Bechtel, to answer some of our burning questions on what’s next for enterprises and vendors alike.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot ‘takes off’ ERP admin 
Microsoft says it is on a mission to bring next-generation AI to every line of business. That (presumably) means AI in sales, finance, procurement, supply chain management and everything in-between right down to admin and building premises security. Perhaps more...
Dynamics 365 one partner
Is Microsoft pushing one partner for Dynamics 365?
Dynamics 365 MVPs aren't happy as Bam Boom Cloud appears to take the sales limelight for Microsoft.
IFS marks 25 years in Sri Lanka 
A quarter century is worth celebrating for most people. Certainly, we know that royal families have been marking silver jubilees for at least 250 years if not longer. But for commercial organizations, this milestone is not always heralded in such...
The impacts of innovation: MACH and ERP
Against the backdrop of continual digital evolution and the catalyst of COVID, e-commerce has fully embraced the principles of MACH