Basis CTO: Avoiding ‘SAP stalemate’ means being smarter than spreadsheets
The basic laws of physics play out every day in the global software supply chain. So let’s ask ourselves what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?  Many large SAP customers across the globe are facing this conundrum...
Effective business process management (BPM): A smartwatch analogy.
A smartwatch analogy: Keep effective business process management ticking
Using a watch analogy, understanding a business process management is easy - and just as we made our watches smart - we have now the chance to make our business processes intelligent and smart.
Close up of a magnifying glass being held over the keyboard of a Macbook | Test automation
Myth-busting your test automation beliefs
Misunderstandings about the protocols, cost and requirements of automated testing often get in the way of clients making the changes they need to make to stay ahead of the curve.
Weighing up when and how to move to the cloud/ Cloud implementation
Weighing up when and how to move to the cloud
When moving to the cloud, some things you must consider are: time and resources, customized applications and code, implementation partners and more...
Two people have their backs to the viewer in an office setting, working on complex coding on their computers | Infor testing
Infor platform testing can be tricky; make sure to look before you leap
Testing an Infor platform should be the first thing you do before you roll it out. It's important you're prepared for what that takes.
microsoft logos
Will EU scrutiny of Microsoft Teams impact Big Tech?
Microsoft has been working with regulators to resolve the Teams-related issues but is EU’s scrutiny likely to impact more Big Tech?
Top down view of a cluttered and messy desk with ditritus covering the surface | Cloud ERP
No clutter allowed! How a clean core can help innovate your business
Sometimes it isn't enough to requisition a cloud ERP for your business, especially a highly customized cloud ERP. Did you know how much a clean core can benefit your business?
Linux Foundation Energy powers-up & opens wider
LF Energy is part of the open source Linux Foundation bastion of new and emerging sub-foundations (not an official term, but arguably illustrative enough to clarify the point) and works to provide open technology guidance, standards and community opportunities for...
The advent of value-based maintenance and how to reap the rewards
Servitization is too often looked at in isolation as an independent trend, but it represents the entirety of a customer journey. To reap the benefits of it, organizations can make changes such as apply intelligence to the approach.
Would Albert Einstein approve of Salesforce AI stance?
Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 finished last week, and AI was the big theme of the company's flagship event. But what would the real Einstein make of Salesforce in this current moment?
How the AI revolution is transforming our public healthcare ecosystem
AI will be prevalent in healthcare transforming healthcare delivery, disease detection and management, and more.
stay home save lives
NHS at 75: digitizing to survive
The process of converting healthcare management to fully digital is not without challenges.
image of a circuit/
Object-centric process mining: how ERP’s x-ray becomes an MRI
OCPM provides a robust and unified representation of an entire organization's internal processes, as Celonis' chief scientist explains.
Shadow APIs: a shadow of a hand in front of a keyboard
Watch out! Zombie and shadow APIs are about
Zombie and Shadow APIs fly under the radar of operation and security teams, how can businesses detect this invisible problem?
Image of Birmingham City Council | ERP
Birmingham shows ERP is an existential threat for councils
When Birmingham City Council declared itself “essentially bankrupt”, we couldn't unsee its eye-wateringly over-budget ERP implementation bill.
A mug of coffee that's been spilt over papers, glasses and a calculator | ERP Implementation
How to prevent a failed ERP system implementation
ERP system implementation can be tricky and things might go wrong. Don’t worry, there’s still time to recover the situation and bag a successful delivery!
image of laptop with code on the screen, in the background abstract red, pink and green lights | AI and ML
Will AI take the “human” out of human resources?
How can busy HR executives ensure they are benefiting from the AI revolution, while working safely and ethically?
image of phone on yellow background with white lock on phonescreen on purple background | supply chain | cybersecurity
Is it time to get your digital supply chain security in order?
Cybersecurity is one of the biggest priorities for modern organizations operating across on-prem and virtual digital infrastructures. Dan Llewellyn explores more.
Image of sunny living room with wooden flooring, a woman is laying on her front reading a book | Enosix
enosix lays SAP and Salesforce foundation for Mannington flooring
As enosix lays SAP and Salesforce foundation for Mannington, it knows that modernizing data flow and de-risking is key to competitiveness.
IFS's logo in purple on the outside wall of a building | IFS with key AI acquisition and flurry of partnerships
IFS signs key AI acquisition and flurry of partnerships
IFS has had a busy end of the month, recently taking the spotlight with new acquisitions and a strategic acquisition of Falkonry AI.
image of black and white surveillance cameras | IBM
IBM changes face with $70m UK Gov recognition software deal
IBM has signed a five-year contract with the UK Home Office to support its biometric system for law enforcement and immigration services.
How to use carbon-cleaner cloud
Cloud computing is a fundamentally virtualized entity. We know that organizations get their cloud services delivered down various pipes, channels and conduits that stem from the datacenter engine rooms that power the cloud and its networked connection points. But as...
ERP implementation | An image of chefs' hands putting the final touches to Michelin-star meals
Michelin-star ERP implementation starts with two tips for reading the menu
Sometimes, it’s not about picking the perfect meal, it’s about how it’s delivered. What needs to happen for a successful ERP implementation?
3 hands holding a coffee each, with one of them being an iced coffee. Their cups are touching together. It's a top down view.
Wake up and smell the coffee, corporate social responsibility needs to be addressed
Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is a great way for a business to demonstrate their values align with the society in which they operate.
Ground-level view of a chessboard with all pawns lined up and a singular brown pawn wearing a crown | Enterprise vs point solutions
Enterprise Platforms vs. Point Solutions: it’s obvious, isn’t it?
Point solutions are often used instead of enterprise platforms due to their fast nature. Maybe you should think twice before choosing which solution is best for you?
VMware drives cloud orchestration & operations at edge
VMware used its VMware Explore 2023 conference in Las Vegas this week to cover a raft of announcements. Among the key news items is the newly launched VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator, a technology designed to enable organizations to deploy, manage...
A Bacon. Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on a plate | intelligent enterprise
Bacon, Lettuce and FOMO – AI is making the Future of Business
When faced with supply chain disruptions, a business doesn’t “need AI”, they need what AI can do. AI-infused ERP is out to skip the FOMO feeling.
A face of a llama | Is Zuckerberg winning “the wrestling match” with Musk and ChatGPT
Is Zuck winning the AI cage fight versus Musk and ChatGPT?
While Zuckerberg’s Llama 2 is the new kid on the block, is it really a threat to ChatGPT and how will it compete against Musk’s xAI?
What to expect from Infor Now 2023
Infor is one of those organizations that falls into the smaller (rarer) 10% or so of firms that actually preview its forthcoming events with a fully-detailed set of information and stories related to what attendees might expect. Not known as...
UiPath takes AI to new altitude with Project Wingman
Enterprise automation software company UiPath has taken its automation platform one cloud strata higher with its latest Artificial Intelligence (AI)-fuelled updates. The newly announced Project Wingman enables users to create RPA-style automations from simple natural language prompts.  The project is...