Does your ERP stack need an integration boost?
The modern ERP stack is a beautiful thing. But, as beautiful as it is, it’s often a complex interwoven multi-tiered network of software services, application endpoints, data-flows and (now, in the modern era of the Internet of Things) a computing...
Windows incompatibility poses a dual threat to enterprise
The end of Internet Explorer grabbed a lot of tech news headlines. But another interesting nugget of Microsoft-related news went under the radar recently.
Biden, Zero Trust and cybersecurity
Cybersecurity presents pressing issues for the ERP community, with few glimpses of hope to be found in the current landscape.
Digital Hive creates buzz around Analytics & BI (ABI)
Keen to provide a means of working to the modern scale of big data is Digital Hive with its intelligent analytics portal
Infor product guru on adopting a ‘composed’ ERP disposition
Massimo Capoccia, EVP for product management at Infor, examines the emergence of what the technology industry is calling ‘composable’ ERP
SAP Sapphire 2022: The 5 key takeaways for enterprise leaders
Having been staged virtually for the last two years, SAP Sapphire made a return to Orlando last week, with this year’s conference touted as a ‘hybrid series’ – a virtual event combined with a nine-city, in-person world tour experience.
The hidden gem in SAP RISE’s crown: the SAP Business Network
SAP’s RISE initiative has a lot of moving parts that together offer customers and prospects important incentives to move to the cloud.
Is the business world ready for Zoomer SaaS apps?
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Optimising your SAP data strategy
Data remains one of a business’s most valuable assets, with organisations increasingly using insights derived from analytics to drive decisions and strategy. According to our latest survey of 116 SAP user organisations across the UK and Ireland, three quarters of...