Sage and Equifax partnership removes employee pain points

image of laptop and data | business

Sage has entered into a partnership with the credit reporting agency Equifax that will help automate financial and employment checks for UK workers when they apply for everything from loans and mortgages to new jobs.

The service is made possible by a new integration between Sage payroll software and Verification Exchange from Equifax. When applying for personal finance or jobs, consumers are usually required to gather and provide documents to verify employment status. Equifax and Sage aim to help improve the process by automating the employment and income verifications that lenders and employers require, while reducing the administrative burden on the consumer.

Aaron Harris, CTO at Sage, said: “At Sage, we’re focussed on harnessing technology and data to make life easier for everyone by automating time-consuming processes, reducing admin, and speeding up decision-making.

“Today, more than 40 percent of UK private sector businesses pay their employees using our software. This, along with our deep experience and insights, means we can remove the friction in verification checks between consumers and third parties, providing more streamlined and accurate access to credit.”

Rudy Ploder, president, Equifax Workforce Solutions, said: “We’re proud to partner with Sage to help UK consumers have a more seamless experience when it comes to important life events such as buying a home, leasing a car, or starting a new job, It’s all part of our Equifax company purpose – to help people live their financial best.”