Sage launches suites to drive growth for accountants and small businesses

two women near tables in a salon with tablets | Sage suites launch

Sage has launched two new suites, Sage for Accountants and Sage for Small Business, to transform how SMBs and accountancy practices operate and grow their business in the UK and Canada. 

Bringing together Sage’s accounting, HR, payroll and business management tools into two solutions, the suites are purpose-built to meet the needs of accountants, bookkeepers and SMBs, enabling them to be more efficient by freeing up time and boosting productivity. 

The suites come with three customizable membership plans: essentials, standard and premium, which will scale to match the needs of businesses and accountancy practices. SMBs, accountants and bookkeepers can now self-manage users and subscriptions in one integrated solution, paid for on a single monthly invoice. 

“With these new suites we are making it easier for data and work to flow between our products, helping accountants, bookkeepers and SMBs to do more, easily and more efficiently than ever before,” said Neal Watkins, EVP of accounting and HR at Sage. 

“Our goal is to eliminate complexity and provide essential tools that not only ensure business success but also enhance the value of human work. That is why our suites are designed to reduce administrative burdens and seamlessly integrate, transforming how business and accountants operate,” he added.   

Andrew Dick, chartered accountant at G W Dick and Co and one of Sage’s customers, commented that Sage for Accountants would help companies like his to make “the process easier and […] focus on spending more time with customers”, adding “more value in real-time and ultimately [helping] all our businesses grow”.

Dr Christian Sadler, SR Veterinary Group and Sage client, said: “Having accounting, payroll and HR all in one package which is easily accessible from a single location has meant that we don’t have the complexity of learning different systems and [it] makes our lives easier in the long term by ensuring that we are using the same products as our accountant.

“As we look to grow our practice, the insights we get from Sage for Small Business help us make good decisions.” 

Additionally, the company has announced that as part of the suites’ launch, UK customers will be the first to get their hands on Sage Copilot, the new generative AI productivity assistant. Sage Copilot will be launched in the UK in 2024 and then extended to Canada. 

Integrated within Sage for Small Business and Sage for Accountants, Sage Copilot is designed to transform operations by automating routine administrative tasks, offering real-time business insights and helping businesses focus on strategic client management.