Sage offers UKI customers help and advice with new online hub

Two laptops open and switched on with a hand typing on one | Sage Business Advice hub

Sage has launched a new online community – the Business Advice hub – to offer support, help and advice to customers in the UK and Ireland.

The Business Advice hub was created in response to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) “expressing a need for more community”, according to Sage.

Through the hub, customers will be able to connect with Sage, industry experts and each other to exchange information and share advice on numerous topics related to their businesses, skill sets and personal development.

It will provide virtual events run by industry specialists, advice from industry leaders and Sage experts via online forums and a place to connect with peers.

Many respondents in a poll of 200 UKI Sage customers said that running a business in 2023 was significantly more difficult than it had been in the past, due to an “increasingly unsteady economic landscape”. Out of those surveyed, 86 percent said they were seeking a community that could offer support, help and advice, which led to the launch of the Business Advice hub.

Liam Scarth, membership experience director, said: “Work-related stress and feelings of isolation have become a prevalent issue, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners who often navigate these feelings alone.

“The Business Advice hub is designed to support our customers with everyday business challenges by connecting like-minded people and providing access to expertise on all manner of business topics. Our goal is to support our customers and help their businesses thrive.”

Joanne Halsall, Sage customer and group accountant at Crow Wood Hotel and Spa in Burnley, said: “The Business Advice hub has proven to be an invaluable resource – it’s been critical to have a helpful community of experts and fellow Sage customers to tap into every time I’ve needed support on a problem, or while thinking about approaching a new project. Logging into the hub has become a part of my work routine, and I look forward to engaging further in the months to come.”