Salesforce launches AI-powered capabilities and governance bundles

Salesforce office building | Salesforce launches AI-powered capabilities and governance bundles

Salesforce has launched new AI-powered capabilities, built on the Einstein 1 Platform, to help banks handle transaction disputes more quickly and efficiently. The company has also announced implementation and data governance bundles for safe and secure AI rollouts. 

The capabilities – Transaction Dispute Management, Einstein Copilot Banking Actions and Service Processes Library – integrate transaction data from banking platforms with customer data from Salesforce to streamline manual tasks, minimize errors, address issues and enhance customer communications, within one platform.

The AI-powered Transaction Dispute Management will help bank service agents streamline the entire dispute management cycle while enabling more transparent and consistent communications with customers, card networks, merchants and issuer banks. This means that bank agents will be able to use pre-built data email prompt templates and GenAI to draft personalized customer emails related to dispute activity. 

Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot Banking Actions is a conversational AI assistant for CRM which will enable bank service agents to ask questions and receive reliable and relevant responses grounded in metadata, and automate tasks directly in the flow of work. Actions are taken without sacrificing data governance because they are all run within the guardrails of the Einstein Trust Layer, the secure AI architecture built on the Einstein 1 Platform that allows teams to generate higher-quality results by grounding responses with customer data without compromising on privacy and security standards.

The new Service Processes Library spans an extensive list of prebuilt service process templates in financial services cloud for common banking use cases including transaction disputes, fee reversals and card replacements. Salesforce plans to continue to expand the library and include additional templates around managing credit limits and requesting tax documents. 

In terms of Salesforce’s recently announced bundled solutions, the AI implementation bundle contains development tools like Salesforce sandboxes and data mask, which allow IT teams to test Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder.

It will also help train new employees on how to use GenAI safely and securely, before deploying into production. This bundle includes capabilities to help customers build and extend tailored AI experiences for any department. Alongside data cloud, the AI implementation bundle will unlock the ability to build and extend custom solutions – for sales, service departments, IT HR, finance, legal and other teams. 

The data governance bundle intends to enable businesses to quickly prepare, configure and manage the data they use in their AI implementations in secure ways. 

Eran Agrios, SVP and GM, financial services, Salesforce, said: “These new capabilities simplify and streamline the entire transaction dispute cycle, enabling banks to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive innovation across their business.”

Alice Steinglass, EVP and GM, Salesforce Platform, also commented: “These bundles make it easy for companies to get started on their AI journey by allowing teams to safely experiment and test the technology while ensuring their data and AI are secure before and after deployment.”