Salesforce steps up with Vibram’s AI-first ecommerce platform

Vector image of a friendly cartoon robot looking at a laptop | Salesforce Vibram

Salesforce has partnered with Italian footwear brand Vibram to launch the company’s new ecommerce platform, to provide an innovative and efficient experience for its consumers.

The platform is built on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud and utilizes AI to drive personalization at scale and boost productivity. Salesforce Commerce Cloud will allow the footwear business to automate sales across the customer lifecycle by embedding AI-driven commerce across the board.

The AI-powered website supplied by Salesforce will help Vibram to reach its customers in new and more tailored ways.

Integrating all data and analytics from across the company, the solution will enable greater personalization for Vibram customers and suggest the best products and best experiences to users.

A new media functionality will enhance Vibram campaigns and storytelling capabilities, for example, showcasing its sustainability efforts and latest collaborations with partner brands.

Around the globe, Vibram produces over 40 million soles a year across its footprint in 120 countries, with manufacturing, research and representation bases in the US, China, Japan, Brazil and Italy. The low-code Salesforce platform will allow the global team to adapt the website to match brand guidelines and campaigns and boost global team productivity.

Alessandro Pacetti, global direct-to-consumer director, Vibram said: “In an AI-first world, reimagining how we deliver for our customers globally and pivot our business to stay ahead of the competition is vital. With the flexibility Salesforce offers, we are able to transform how we do digital marketing entirely, connecting with customers in whole new ways, expanding our offering into new markets and breaking down language barriers.

“Today, platforms like ours are the new business card – promoting products, services and stories to customers and partners everywhere. With Salesforce, we can innovate at pace and take our global presence to the next level.”

Lori Steele, president and chief revenue officer, Salesforce EMEA, said: “Vibram demonstrates the tremendous potential for companies to combine the power of AI, data and CRM to meet customer expectations and drive greater efficiency and productivity. We’re delighted to support Vibram to launch this new platform, which will create many possibilities to bring the company and its customers closer together.”