SAP certified Loftware Spectrum supports S/4HANA, Business Suite and ECC

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As organizations try to keep pace with numerous products and information across channel, network and organizational boundaries, a continued focus on traceability and increasing customer demands remains, according to Loftware.

Implementing an Enterprise Labeling Solution like Loftware Spectrum, which is designed to integrate with SAP applications, can accommodate a wide range of customer requests by offering automated, data-driven labeling.

Loftware Spectrum is an SAP certified solution that is designed to work with S/4HANA, SAP Business Suite on HANA and SAP ECC. The solution is said to support global deployment, offering “great efficiencies across the extended supply chain”, enabling companies to cut down on costs, streamline maintenance and improve time to market.

As a result, labels can be updated easily, costly mistakes are made avoidable and organizations are able to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

An Enterprise Labeling Solution is said to offer a dynamic, data-driven approach and provide the speed and flexibility necessary for today’s modern supply chain. It offers companies the agility to deal with “the nuances of complex labeling requirements and regulations, the ability to support high levels of variability in labeling and the speed and scalability to support global supply chains”, according to Loftware.

Loftware said the solution does not add additional costs or risks to integrate with SAP solutions, such as S/4HANA or EWM. The integration with SAP and other business applications also allows companies to enhance existing business processes and vital data sources without needing to retrain users.

Whether accessing data from SAP manually for on demand label printing or through triggering labeling directly from business processes, organizations can achieve an “unprecedented level of speed, flexibility and power” to create, manage and print barcode labels across complex global supply chains with Loftware Spectrum.