SAP creates new AI-focused business unit led by Philipp Herzig

Dr. Philipp Herzig| SAP creates new AI-focused business unit led by Philipp Herzig

SAP has created a new AI-focused business unit under the leadership of Dr. Philipp Herzig in his newly created role of chief artificial intelligence officer (CAIO).

SAP is reorganizing its AI activities with the launch of the new “end-to-end growth area,” with Herzig becoming the leader of it as he progressed from his former role as head of cross-product engineering and experience in the company.

The AI-focused business unit oversees the entire value chain for SAP Business AI, from product development and research to customer implementation.

In this new role, which Herzig started in January, he reports directly to CEO Christian Klein, with the team collaborating with innovators across SAP to infuse artificial intelligence into every part of the company’s portfolio.

Through the new growth area, SAP aims to further accelerate the pace of customers benefiting from business AI solutions and services. The newly established division also emphasizes the central importance of business AI as a strategic driver for SAP’s ongoing growth.

Philipp Herzig, chief artificial intelligence officer at SAP, told ERP Today:  “SAP is uniquely positioned to deliver real results with generative AI. With SAP Business AI, we are bringing this vision to life and will change the way companies operate, enabling them to create greater value, more efficiently.”

“SAP’s increased focus on business AI marks the start of a completely new generation of enterprise innovation, and I’m honored to have the chance to help customers make the most of this unprecedented opportunity,” Herzig, said. “I look forward to working with our team, as well as our ecosystem of customers and partners, to drive the development and delivery of relevant, reliable, responsible business AI that fundamentally changes the way business runs.”

Herzig’s team consists of business leaders, including Walter Sun, global head of AI who continues to lead all product engineering efforts on business AI in the company. Sun moved from Microsoft to SAP in September 2023.