SAP ushers in a new EMEA era with Manos at the helm


The main goal for SAP users across the diverse landscape of the EMEA region has been consistent – how to harness the full potential of SAP’s offerings to drive their own innovation efforts. This spans industries across Western Europe to the vibrant markets of the Middle East and Africa. SAP’s announcement of the newly formed EMEA region and the appointment of Emmanuel (Manos) Raptopoulos as its president is a recognition of the universal needs for SAP’s user base.

Combining its former EMEA North and EMEA South regions, SAP says that cloud technology and AI will provide a: “unique opportunity to drive customer transformation and value” for SAP users in the region.

Manos, with his extensive experience dating back to 1998 within SAP, acknowledges the high expectations of SAP users, recognizing that SAP isn’t just a tool for these users – it’s the backbone of their operations.

“EMEA’s next chapter will be fuelled by accelerated cloud and AI innovation, underpinned by our purpose, our people and our partnerships. I feel honored to lead this diverse and talented team of professionals. Together, we can make a significant impact, in this region and beyond,” said Manos in the announcement of his role.

Manos’ vision, coupled with SAP’s advancements in AI and cloud solutions, aims to empower these users to not just meet but exceed their organizational goals. Scott Russell, CTO, SAP, said of Manos: “Manos is a staunch advocate for the voice of customers and partners and is an empathetic and inspirational leader of people. I am excited for Manos to lead our EMEA Region to new heights, together with our outstanding team.”

By aligning purpose, people and partnerships, SAP’s strategic focus on cloud and AI within the redefined EMEA region is poised to be the elixir for SAP users, offering them the tools needed to tackle their most pressing challenges and pioneer new frontiers in their respective industries.