SAP debuts new CX generative AI capabilities

SAP CX AI : A robot ai with a computer

SAP has announced new generative AI capabilities dedicated to its SAP Customer Experience (CX) portfolio, including within the recently debuted natural-language GenAI copilot Joule.

With the goal of automating time-consuming tasks, SAP’s latest AI capabilities aim to allow companies to analyze data quicker and gain actionable insights to deliver more intelligent and personalized customer experience.

Typically GenAI technologies only utilize data found in one siloed system. However, SAP suggests its new capabilities will be able to leverage its wealth of experiential and operational data, plus access data from third-party sources.

The debuted AI capabilities include over 10 CX role-based tools aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency by automating routine tasks. Here, AI can help summarize customer issues, provide an overview of customer sentiment, suggest a solution and track how quickly the issue is resolved.

With the new AI capabilities, companies can review product tags and catalogs, generate and customize product descriptions and help guide customers to the right choice for their needs.

Intelligent Q&A AI in the updated CX portfolio can identify and answer customer questions within conversations and read e-mails to point out the important questions. They can also give a suggested written response that includes the latest product information.

AI-generated customer profiles as supported by the real-time SAP Customer Data Platform will allow businesses to combine data from all business applications and surface these profiles to customer-facing teams.

SAP is also infusing AI capabilities into existing products across the SAP CX portfolio with the ability to fortify customer identity and access management with AI, plus create personalized content creation powered by GenAI.

Ritu Bhargava, president and chief product officer, SAP industries and SAP CX, said: “Putting customers at the center of business transformation requires delivering a strong, personalized customer experience with intelligent CX.

“These new AI capabilities within the SAP CX portfolio will allow businesses to unlock their full potential, improve customer loyalty, solidify themselves as industry leaders and reap the benefits of GenAI with intelligent CX solutions that have a tangible impact on businesses.

“These capabilities are the next step in redefining intelligence to deliver a delightful customer experience, effortlessly.”

During the SAP Customer Experience LIVE event on October 25th, a more in-depth discussion of SAP’s latest AI CX capabilities was had. To rewatch the event, follow this link.