Onapsis debuts new AI to boost S/4HANA, RISE and BTP security

In an era when ransomware attacks have become greatly advanced and ever more frequent, SAP systems have developed a greater vulnerability to cyber threats than ever before. As Robert Holland, vice president and research director, SAPinsider, commented: “With cybersecurity on the minds of many businesses, it is important to examine the cybersecurity priorities when it comes to their SAP systems. Earlier this year, SAPinsider research revealed that ransomware attacks, unpatched systems, and compromised credentials were the top three cybersecurity threats to SAP systems.”

With an acceleration in cloud migrations and digital transformation, the SAP attack surface is expanding at a worrying rate. To address this growing problem, Onapsis has debuted a range of AI advancements to its Onapsis Platform for cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions. Notably, the company has introduced enhanced AI engines within Onapsis Security Advisor. This includes industry peer comparisons and custom incident profiles utilizing AI anomaly scores to detect suspicious behaviors.

Onapsis recognizes that CISOs and CIOs are burdened with the task of improving system security during a time of increasing governments regulations and decreasing IT budgets.

Provided with dynamic industry peer comparisons, CISOs and CIOs can benchmark their security initiatives, monitor progress and deliver reports to their leadership and board with confidence against hundreds of the world’s leading SAP customers.

These latest AI capabilities aim to boost SAP visibility by extending its support for SAP BTP, S/4HANA and RISE with SAP and simplify customization for a faster and more efficient time-to-value. To encourage teams to scan for threats faster, Onapsis has also updated its SaaS platform, and accelerated deployment models with centralized policy updates.

The SAP Endorsed App partner introduced enhanced code development and testing features to automate code fixes during development in SAP BTP and automate code fixes for common code errors with its One-Click Fix feature, including potential threat actor ingress points like SAProuter.

Mariano Nunez, CEO and co-founder of Onapsis, said: “As the pioneer in the industry for over 14 years and the only SAP cybersecurity solution endorsed by SAP itself, Onapsis continues to set new industry standards that drive innovation.”

“We remain committed to delivering a customer-centric approach that enables organizations to fortify their most critical systems in an evolving threat landscape. Our depth of data from hundreds of the world’s leading SAP customers, threat intelligence capabilities, and ability to operate at a larger scale and scope than any other vendor in our space, truly sets us apart and continues to solidify our position as the market leader.”