SAP HANA Cloud now supports AWS Graviton


SAP and AWS have announced that SAP HANA Cloud now supports AWS Graviton processors. With an aim to lower costs for its customers, SAP is extending its cloud-native, in-memory database to AWS Graviton-powered Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

As compute and memory demands grow, customers require solutions that lower costs without compromising performance and energy efficiency. With the announcement that SAP HANA Cloud supports AWS Graviton, SAP is tackling these compute costs and allowing its customers to benefit from the new found efficiencies.

Juergen Mueller, CTO and member of the executive board of SAP, said: “AWS and SAP have a long history of delivering value in a way that is environmentally responsible.

“This collaboration with AWS on the use of Graviton demonstrates our commitment to reduce the impact of our technologies on the environment while continuing to provide value in the solutions we bring to market.”

David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS, said: “One of the most visible ways we are innovating is improving the power efficiency of AWS chips.

“Our Arm-based AWS Graviton3 processors deliver the best performance per watt of energy use in Amazon EC2, bringing a powerful combination of energy efficiency and price performance to SAP.”

SAP has seen up to 30 percent better compute performance for analytical workloads and lowered its compute costs by 15 percent. With Graviton3-based instances using up to 60 percent less energy, SAP aims reduce the compute carbon footprint of SAP HANA Cloud workloads by an estimated 45 percent.

SAP is actively working alongside 427 organizations around the world for the Amazon Climate Pledge to help reduce carbon emissions. Both companies believe that by running SAP HANA Cloud on AWS Graviton, SAP can further its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and support efforts to address the climate crisis.